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Diary of Success.

This will make you more successful.

A little while ago I subscribed to the Dream, Play, Write email list hosted by the extremely supporting Timothy Pike. I often receive encouragements, writer’s quotes, and useful advice from the guy. It’s real inspiring stuff.

Back in may, Timothy talked about the Importance of keeping a success Journal. I have been keeping one since then and I believe it had made me more successful on a daily basis.


Here’s how it works.

Everyday, you simply write down 5 things you achieved that day. It might sound tricky sometimes, especially if, like me, you have a full time job. But even if you only write one hour a day, I guarantee you are already doing 5 successful things. One, there is sitting down and actually writing which can actually be the most difficult thing to do. Two, if you’re like me, you use a dictionary or thesaurus while writing, looking for that perfect word. Three, you might do some research online or in good old books. Four, you may write a scene here and there or re-organize and edit a chapter. Five, you make a discovery about a character that changes the course of the story.

One thing I know I do everyday besides sitting and writing is taking notes. I take notes on my phone when something magically comes to mind, or on my tablet while I’m reading an article or a book that pertains to my work.


Once you get in the habit of doing it, you won’t want to stop. It is an effective way of helping you get going on a daily basis. And remember, no achievement is too small.


Top Cow Talent Hunt 2015: “Fearless”

“Fearless” was the first script I wrote for the 2015 Top Cow Talent Hunt.

It featured my now favorite character, the tortured and powerful Ji Xi.


Somebody buys him some new clothes already.

I asked myself, if I had to carry a very dangerous weapon such as the Thirteenth Artifact, where would I hide so that I don’t put people’s in harm’s way? Right away, I pictured the white Arctic desert and the story started.

We actually open with a nightmare scene. I thought it would be a cool way of showing Ji Xi’s fears about unintentionally harming people and explain why he stays so isolated until, well, he doesn’t.

Here is “Fearless”.


The Call of the Demon- Oni Press

Starting this may, Oni Press (publisher of Scott Pilgrim and other fantastic funnies) is opening its own submission process for artists, cartoonists, and writers. That’s right, even if you are a writer without an artist attached, you can still submit your pitch to Oni Press.


Their submission guidelines are very specific and actually very helpful in sharpening your ideas. It goes like this:



– Pitches should be:

– A logline – [what’s the idea/concept]

(I did not know what a logline was before this and had to look it up. Here is some advice. Go ahead and try to write a logline for your project, it can be quite difficult to distill your concept/ Idea to just a few words.)

– A one-page synopsis / overview – A short summary that contextualizes who your project is for and how it fits into the marketplace

(I never even considered that. Who is my project for? You know, besides myself. And how does it fit in the marketplace? Heavy questions.)

– A 3-5 page outline – give us the full beginning, middle and end of your story so we can see your execution.

– A sample comic script containing at least two scenes, consisting of at least eight pages and no more than twenty pages. This should be a comic book script, NOT a screenplay.

(YES! They are actually asking for script samples! That is AWESOME! They want to see that you can write a Comic Book Script, that you understand the medium).

Needless to say, I am hard at work on my submission but not just that. The guidelines they provide can truly be helpful for any project and help you think of your writing from different perspective, be it in the current marketplace or as a couple sentences logline.


From 8 to 15 in one week.

A couple weeks ago, I put a post on Zwol.org seeking  a comic book artist for an 8 pages Comic Book story. I received many responses back and after much debate with myself I settled for who I believed to be the best artist for the job (and the price). I sent the artist my script and the following week he sent me a 15 pages version of my story where he added entire new sequences and dialogue. He had rewrote my script as a 15 pages story. I was flabbergasted,confused, and a bit hurt. I did not know how to react.

I might not be an Official Professional Comic Book Writer but I do have a couple stories published and I have worked with other artists. I enjoy collaboration tremendously and I am always looking forward to an artist’s opinion of my scripts. I take their feedback to heart and make the necessary changes. I love the back and forth and arguing about the best way of telling the story. I love the dialogue.

But this was no dialogue. This was not a collaboration and I knew it was something the artist and I could not get over and continue working together. I explained to him that I would have rather he gives me notes and let me handle the writing than do it for me. After all, how would he feel if I was to redraw his artwork without consulting him?

I did end our “collaboration” but still felt like maybe I was somehow in the wrong. Was I being too protective of my work? Too arrogant? Was he right?


First of all, I was not going to pay for a 15 pages story. There is no way. Second, he should have communicated with me before retouching the script and send me his notes. He did not communicate and that’s the biggest issue. I cannot work with someone who is going to do things their own way and not include me in the process. Comic Book making is always a collaboration (unless you do it all yourself and Kudos if you do).

Still in doubt, I turned to my peers for comfort and I cannot thank them enough. I will leave you with their opinions below.






Artist Wanted.

I have been looking for another artist to work with for a little while now. and by little while , I mean MONTHS!

It’s not that I don’t want to work with Nick anymore, I love working with Nick. I just wish I could work with somebody else, get a different experience and write something different for a different style. I also simply have the time to work with several artists since writing takes nearly as long as drawing does.

I got in touch with people I met at Starbucks, emailed people I have met online and even met people through common friends. It seems that I always hit a brick wall though. Some never answer my initial email, like it’s hard to say NO or something. Others just stop communicating along the way, they stop answering emails, etc…. they are basically some fucking slackers and I fucking hate it.

Anyway, I figured that this time I’d put a flyer at the Art Institute near my work. I have yet to get any emails…I am actually thinking of going the Craigslist route.

What do you think of my flyer?