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The Top Cow Talent Hunt

Though I am obviously still working on the script for 8th Wonder Press, I am also starting work on the next thing. And the next thing for me is: The Top Cow Talent Hunt.

Publisher Top Cow is looking to publish the work of 4 artists and 4 writers. All you have to do is submit a script or some artwork following their hyper specific guidelines. I only heard of this a couple weeks back so I am a bit late to the party but I am still going to write a 22 pages script by the January 31st deadline. I just have to read up and study the Top Cow universe first.

I actually started reading Witchblade and the Darkness when it first came out in France back in 1996 I believe. It was published by Image Comics and I thought it was so cool but I was like 14 years old and I thought SPAWN was the bomb! So the Witchblade was like a sexy version of Spawn to me. Then the Darkness came out and it was another cool murderous dark anti-hero. It was all very dark and brooding and gory like Batman on steroids (and with boobs!) and I loved it.

The Top Cow universe has changed quite a bit since  so I have A LOT of catching up to do. Thank god the submission guidelines include recommended reading.


Poor me! I have to read sooooooo many comics.

Now I am trying to get as many of this books from the library as possible and I did find about half of what I need. I am just waiting for them all to be available which should be soon. I am also still waiting on Artifacts Vol.1 from Amazon so I can read the whole series. So far it is the only trade I bought for the purpose of this submission but I plan on going to Excalibur to get some more stuff as I am sure they carry pretty much everything and I like giving them money. They are a true comic book shop where one can find specific issues AND they know their stuff. No gimmicks. No toys.

That’s about it. I will keep you updated on the processes. On one hand the studying of the Top Cow universe and the birth of a story within that universe; and on the other hand, I’ll let you know how our to-be-published project is coming along.

After all that, perhaps I can catch up on my library readings:


Look at me and my first world problems:

I don’t have enough time to read ALL those Comic Books!

See you next week,