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Procrastinate in Scrivener

Scrivener is fun.

As you might already know,  I love Scrivener. If you have not tried that awesome word processing program, go do the free trial now.

It truly changed the way I work by just making things easier to organize and more accessible. Scrivener’s best feature by far  is the ability to keep all your documents in one place. In Scrivener, you can organize things in folders and access them all in your project file so that you never have to open another window or program. You can even split the screen and work on two (or more) documents at the same time.

I use the Comic Book  Antony Johnston template and just tweak it a bit . Besides my actual story , I have a folder for Characters, Setting, Scenes (where i write single scenes that may or may not  make it into the main story) Research (that’s where I dump all my notes, ideas, outlines, it’s a freakin’ mess and I love it), and a final folder for old Drafts where I put my old drafts so that I can pull them back up and refer to them if needed.

The folders I use in Scrivener. They all open up and can be populated with sub folders and all types of docs.
The Folders I use in Scrivener. They all open and can be populated with sub folders and all types of docs.

This week, I learned about  a couple new fun functions I hadn’t used before and procrastinated a bit in Scrivener, just playing around really.

  1. Icons: I got a bit crazy with that one. In fact, I imported so many new icons at once that my selection screen was filled with it, making it impossible to access the icon management options. For a sec there, it  looked like I had broken scrivener. Thanks to automatic backup, I just went back to the previous version and learned that I should import only the icons I need, one at a time. I found some cool icons here.
Break down your story with ICONS into digestible chunks.

2. Name Generator: I am so glad I won’t have to go look for baby names on the internet anymore. The name Generator is awesome. I would have never come up with a great name such as  Laurelynn Toure (don’t steal that, go make your own!).

For more Scrivener awesome tips, go check this out.

Have fun scrivener -ing!


Top Cow Talent Hunt loser.

I did not win the Top Cow Talent Hunt this year. I submitted three 22 pagers using the assigned Top Cow characters and I had a blast writing all of them. I learned so much from the experience, it was great. Building a script from top to bottom in scrivener three times was quite amazing in and of itself. And of course, writing a Comic Book script is always good practice.

Then, there is the fact that I am so focused on my current project(s) that the ball just keeps on rolling no matter what.

Here is the very nice email all Hunts participants received from Top Cow President, Matt Hawkins:

Emails were sent out before this, so if you received this without a previous email from me I’m sorry to say you didn’t win this year. Total count was 587 entries so it was more than I originally thought (once I counted it all out).  So less than 1.5% of entrants won this year. 

The writing category was especially hard for me this year (and why it took so long) because there were about 40 of you that delivered professional quality writing and could easily be writing for a major publisher today.  I added one writer runner up simply because I could not make up my mind.

Thank you so much for participating. I hope that you have found the exercise educational at a minimum. As a reminder, there is no formal feedback offered via email. If you want to track down one of us at a comic convention and chat us up we’re happy to do that.

As I said in the previous email, I’m reserving at least a spot in each category for people who previously entered as winners for next year.  There are two people who won this year that had entered previously, one has entered every time. So entering again does have its merits!
The formal announcement of winners will be on comicbookresources.com sometime next week I don’t know the exact day but it will include some of the art from the “art” side that you can check out.  To read what the writers submitted you can read those as they come out next year.
One thing I’m going to do for next year as well is make some exclusive “product” that will only be available to participants. Any other feedback to us about the contest is always appreciated.
Isaac Goodhart, one of the first year art winners, is now the regular penciller on Postal so the contest does have some legs!  Tini Howard and Ashley Robinson are both writing one shot Top Cow books for Poseidon IX and Athena IX in August and September.
We don’t publish a LOT of books, but we are actively trying to get new blood into the industry and thanks again SO MUCH for participating.


Matt Hawkins
President/COO, Top Cow Productions, Inc.
MS Physicist, Self Loathing Narcissist, Inc.
That was nice of Mister Hawkins to take the time to do that.
See you next week,

Out of order

Yesterday, I wrote the ending to a short story I am working on.

I like writing the ending first, you know, if it comes to mind. I like to know where I’m going.

The thing is, though, I don’t have a beginning yet. I know it is mostly thank to using Scrivener that I can just write things out of order. It takes a lot more windows juggling when using Word. In Scrivener, I can just write a bunch of scenes, out of order, and put them in the whole story later… or just trash them if they truly suck. It’s like a puzzle where you create a bunch of pieces and then decide which one goes where. I really enjoy working this way, it’s a lot less boring? Yeah, less boring, less linear, less predictable.


Besides that, it is a pretty light week on the news front for us here. We are waiting to hear about the New World submission results (RAAAAAAAAGH!!! The suspense is killing mE!) and working hard on the Top Cow Talent Hunt. I hope you participate. I am personally having a blast on the forum. Hope to see you there.



Haha, get it? Because I am going to talk about Scrivener but I wrote ScriveNERD as the title for this post. Like a joke, you know. Awesome.

When I went to Rose City Comic Con, two of my favorite writers, Greg Rucka and Kelly Sue DeConnick, mentioned that they use a word processor called Scrivener. Needless to say, I had to try it. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I love the way it changed my writing. Scrivever is just super convenient. You can put all your files in one project so that you that can access everything immediately. You can add webpages, pictures. whatever, and everything is organized in folders. What I like the most is the ability to move pages or group of pages around so that you can rearrange the order of scenes.

scrivener first

From Michael J. Sullivan’s website.


It changed the way I write. I am tackling a pretty large project. I am writing one of those big epic Comic Book stories I had in mind for a while and my goal is to write all the scenes and moments that are in my head to be edited and organized later. Scrivener allows me to do just that. For each scene, a folder, and here we go. I don’t feel like I have to write things in order like I did in Word and, again, all those scenes and drafts and notes are all in the same place and can be looked at simultaneously. I even imported my older documents into Scrivener. Oh, and the index cards, awesome. And the side bar to write notes, excellent. Oh, and the customizable auto-fill so that you only write that character’s name once, super awesome.

There is a free 30 days trial, well worth it. First go through Scrivener’s tutorial and then, if you write Comic Books, follow Antony Johston’s tutorial. I did both in one afternoon, it is a lot to take in at first, but after a few days of using it, you’ll be able to tell whether or not Scrivener is for you.