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Top Cow Talent Hunt 2015: “Unburdened”

I submitted three scripts to the 2015 Top Cow Talent Hunt and I am going to share them with you in the coming weeks.

First up is “Unburdened”. I chose the bearer of the thirteenth Artifact, JI XI. The Asian monk burdened with carrying a deadly weapon, becoming the victim of its uncontrollable fury really struck a chord with me. I really wanted to explore him as a character.

And I did.


This script is actually the second script I wrote. It all started with him running away from some sort of militia who wanted to put their hands on the artifact and ended up being about trust, responsibility, and Kung Fu. Research for this script was a great excuse to watch Martial Arts films. I have to thank Bruce Lee for inspiring JI XI’s nemesis, the deadly and cunning Marcus.

It was a lot of fun and learning.

Here it is: “Unburdened”


The Method.

Well, A method. This is, in essence, the DC method that you can find in The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics. Check out last week’s post to learn more.

Like any method, it should be tailored, re-sized, and dyed to your own needs and tastes. I did not always use this method but ever since I started to, I don’t wanna stop. I find that it brings more discipline to the process and who doesn’t need more discipline?…especially when it comes to writing. Though I use the method for Comic Book Writing, it can be applied to any kind of writing.


That’s what the method looks like on my PC for the Flo-Rida script. Concise stuff. I like.

Now the method pretty much requires that you possess a personal computer. That doesn’t mean you should stop using a pen and paper. You crazy? I still have a journal of sorts with some version of the story in it. You’ve gotta be ready for the Apocalypse. Just in case.

Once you have a computer, you’re gonna want to create a folder titled..well, whatever your title for your project is. I know. It’s probably not the final title since you’re just starting, but come on, you gotta call it something. Let’s say I call it “something”!

Now, inside my “something” folder, I create a SUB-folder for reference pictures. Phew!… you still with me? I know it’s getting tough for some of us tech-tards but hang on! You don’t have to make a sub-folder for pictures. You don’t have to use pictures at all. I just do. That’s the beauty of it, it’s totally up to you.I just enjoy looking at pictures in the research phase and I collect them for inspiration and to use as reference. Then I can show them to my artist if needed.

Let’s get to the meat of it. You wanna create 4 WORDS Documents entitled:

-“Something” NOTES:

That’s where you frantically gather random notes about your project, copy and paste Wikipedia pages and what not. “Un veritable Fourre-tout”= A put-it-all-in kinda place. (that’s what she said..haha). The research phase is my favorite. I’m a hoarder of research materials and that’s what this document is for. I also use it for dialogue ideas, some plotting, anything. Just vomit it all on the page! You can go fishing pearls later.

-“Something” PLOT:

Usually my shortest document. I try to summarize the entire story in 3 sentences then I toy with it a bit.

-“Something” OUTLINE:

This is the map you create here that will guide you through the long and hazardous scripting process. Mine sometimes look like this:outileex

Now this probably only makes sense to me but that’s all that matters, right? Of course, you change it, you re-write it, you perfect it until you’re ready for…

-“Something” SCRIPT:

The Script! ARRGH! I hate scripting, it is the least fun for me. I start only when I feel I have the story, a solid PLOT and good OUTLINE make scripting a lot easier. I usually start by writing a rough script so I can gauge for space. Once that is well established, I go in for details and clear panel descriptions to the artist. When it comes to formatting, I’m pretty standard. Maybe I’ll show another time.

That’ it folks. That’s the method. My method. The DC method. Whatever.

4 word docs, some pics if you like. Pretty straightforward and, more importantly, it’s ORGANIZED!

Try it, you might like it.