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Top Cow Talent Hunt 2015: “Daddy’s Girl”

“Daddy’s Girl” is the third script I wrote for the Top Cow Talent Hunt. I was intrigued by Alina Emstrom, a ruthless mercenary who is part of a religious cult. In the story “Pandora’s Box”, there is a one page flashback showing her father working as an armed dealer and how Alina witnessed the death of her mother when she was just a child.

I figured that Alina, years later, would want to know who was responsible for her mother’s death and get revenge! How did she become a trained soldier? What was her relationship with her father like? What was she like in her youth? I wanted answers.

So I wrote that story: “Daddy’s Girl”

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Some people are nice.

A couple weeks ago, I had an interaction that made my day and restored my faith in humanity.

I was working on my Top Cow Talent Hunt proposal and I had a specific question regarding Alina Enstrom, the bearer of Pandora’s Box. In the story, ‘Broken Trinity: Pandora’s Box’, Alina “hears” voices at some point and it was unclear to me who or what was talking to her since it happened BEFORE she opened the box. I was a bit confused.


I figured, who better than the writers of the story, Bryan Edward Hill and Rob Levin, to answer my question. So I started internet stalking them…um… I mean, I looked for them online. Though I could not find any type of contact information, i.e. an email address, for Bryan Edward Hill, I did find one for Rob Levin.

As I composed my email, I was very careful not to be an ass.

Writers and editors like Mister Levin are busy people and they don’t have time for bullshit and I certainly did not want to be a source of bull for him. So I tried to be concise and very nice. Then I hit SEND.

I was not expecting an answer right away and yet, a couple hours later, Mister Levin had not only answered my questions but offered words of encouragement and support, something oh so valuable. I was thrilled. It made my day, hell, my WEEK ! I went back to work with a sense of renewed enthusiasm.

Thank you Mister Levin,

You are a nice people.