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Putting a Comic-Book Together (how I get technical).

In preparation for the Rose City Comic Con, I have been compiling Nick and I’s work. ¬†Using Adobe InDesign, I compiled all three issues of the Activist to be printed in one 32 pages B&W opus.



Can you see the typo?


Adobe InDesign is pretty easy to use when you are already familiar with other Adobe programs such as Illustrator (which I use to create the word balloons, written words and sound effects on top of Nick’s artwork) and Photoshop (which I use to merge the artwork and the Lettering files together on top of all the crazy other things I create with it including, but not restricted to, wedding invitations).

Our last issue, Oily Shit!, was a breeze since we knew about bleed and the right kind of formatting for comic book pages. I just had to drop it in and InDesign made the book for me. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for our older comics. I had to resize and sometimes even correct and adjust the lettering, account for bleed on documents without bleed and make sure the color art from Big Enough For You? don’t look like crap in B&W. I even found a couple typos! You guys did not tell me.

This whole process took a lot longer than expected as my poor 4 years old laptop struggled to switch from one Adobe program to another, having all three opened simultaneously. I am actually surprised it did not start smoking.



Can the saddle stitch handle that many pages?


I did it though…or almost. Tomorrow, I go back to the printer to see the proofs and if it all looks good, I’ll show you guys next week.


The Activist: “Oily Shit!”

The Activist is back in an issue where the old is new again thanks to Nick Nall.

We “re-did” Oily Shit. I really wanted Nick to draw the story so that it is not just my version.

There you go!

Getting ready for more!

Nick ( The Awesome Artist on The Activist) and I met yesterday. We discussed the preliminary sketches for our next issue: “Oily Shit!”

That’s right.After some “light” changes (not that it’s gonna get any lighter), we decided to re-make the first issue of The Activist that I first made in Photoshop.

I am oh-so very excited to see what Nick will bring to the table and I am pleased to say that he already did bring it…to the table:


Looking over his work in conjunction with the script, Nick and I discussed what needs to be focused on. Meanwhile I photograph our feet. I am wearing the sandals (sans socks, how un-french of me). Nick’s sneakers are on the right. Nice socks!

We are planning for an early August online publication (an a few prints of course for submission) so stay tuned.