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Let’s Make Out.

Make Out is a Virtuazine.

Yes. A virtual magazine featuring short comic book stories. This VirtuAnthology, if you will,  is specifically designed for easy reading  on phones and tablets. The comic book panels have been formatted so that you can read the stories scrolling down on your phone or tablet as opposed to reading a good ol’ paper-pulped comic book from left to right like a real fucking human. I enjoy digital content but I will always prefer being able to smell my comic book, nose deep in its spine.

Why am I talking about Make Out? Shameless plug of course!

The four pager I wrote entitled “Brain Freeze” with Artist Seamus P. Burke will be featured in issue 1 coming out this week.

“Brain Freeze” is a work of pure spite. It was the second submission I sent to 2000AD. They only take submission via snail mail so you must include a return to sender envelop in order to get a response which means that you must include an envelop with UK postage on it. You can imagine how much fun it is to find UK stamps in the US. Well, it’s not. I actually had to ask a friend living in the UK to send me some.

“Brain Freeze” was rejected by 2000AD so using my spite-fueled energy, I decided to produce it so that I could show how great of a short story it really is. I know Seamus from the PDX Comic Crew Group we both go to and I always wanted to work with him. As it  turned out, we both share a love for Paul Verhoeven movies such as “Robocop” and “Starship Troopers”, which this story takes a lot of inspiration from.

Since “Brain Freeze” will be featured in Make Out and Portland’s own Entertainment paper “BANG!”, I am only going to share the first page here.You can read the entire story in Make Out (check out the magic portal!) out on October 23rd.



Curated by Gail Simone

I have to admit. I am not a big fan of social media.

Until recently, I limited myself to Facebook, mostly watching what people are up to. Yep, I’m kinda creepy like that.

Recently though, I have made a conscious effort to increase my social media presence. I want to put my name out there so that people check out my site and read my stories.

Truns out,  A LOT of Comic Book Creators are on both Twitter and Tumblr. Following them gives me an insight on how they market themselves and promote their books. I’m also a fan and wants to know about their latest projects. Some of them (Chip Zdarsky) are also freaking hilarious.

Tumblr is a great tool to share your passions through reblogging. To repost cool comicbook sketches of favorite artists or any other comicbook related posts is a great way to maintain a social media presence without much effort. Plus, you can link it to your Twitter and Facebook accounts and shotgun blast the internet with it. My favorite thing to do is to take a picture on my phone of a favorite panel or cover from a Comic Book I’m reading and post it on my Instagram with simultaneous posting on Tumblr, Twitter, AND Facebook. BAM! Shotgun Blast!

It is during my tumblr wanderings that I discovered the Comics Survival Kit blog. Curated by Gail Simone (Red Sonja, Secret Six and much, much more), the blog offers advice from professionals on how to navigate the Comic Book industry.

Here are a couple of my favorite articles (so far!):



and of course,


The Comics Survival Kit blog is a truly formidable resource. Many thanks to Gail Simone for providing us with tips and advice on how to become a pro!


PS: you can find my tumbr here.

Loony the Moonian makes friends.

Our first published work: Loony the Moonian.

Now that our second story has been published in this year’s 8th Wonder Press Anthology “Uncanny Adventures: Duo #1”, I can finally share with you last year’s story.

This is Nick Nall and I’s first published work. 8th Wonder Press was looking for short story pitches involving the use of science and/or MAD science. I knew I really wanted to use Nick’s mad cartooning skills to make an old fashioned cartoon in the style of the Looney Tunes AND I wanted it to be completely silent. NO dialogue.  We came up with the 12 pages story of how a poor lonely Moonian named Loony literally MAKES friends.

The story was originally published last year in 8th Wonder Press’s Anthology “Uncanny Adventures: Science vs MAD Science”.

I learned a lot from working on Loony. I learned about telling a story with images only. I learned how to better communicate with my collaborator and artists Nick (still working on that). I learned that I should not be so anal about it and let the artist do his job. I learned that sometimes, you should kill your “cool visual ideas” in order to put the story first. And I still learning.


Artist Wanted.

I have been looking for another artist to work with for a little while now. and by little while , I mean MONTHS!

It’s not that I don’t want to work with Nick anymore, I love working with Nick. I just wish I could work with somebody else, get a different experience and write something different for a different style. I also simply have the time to work with several artists since writing takes nearly as long as drawing does.

I got in touch with people I met at Starbucks, emailed people I have met online and even met people through common friends. It seems that I always hit a brick wall though. Some never answer my initial email, like it’s hard to say NO or something. Others just stop communicating along the way, they stop answering emails, etc…. they are basically some fucking slackers and I fucking hate it.

Anyway, I figured that this time I’d put a flyer at the Art Institute near my work. I have yet to get any emails…I am actually thinking of going the Craigslist route.

What do you think of my flyer?




You Creep!

NO…not you. I would never say that to you. You, you’re awesome.

I recently had first hand experience with the creep. See, I already was familiar with the bleed, not that I like her or want to spend time with her, but I know her.

When you want your comic book pages to print passed the edge of the page, it needs to bleed off the page so your documents for print need to have a 1/4 inch bleed (generally). For example, the invitation I made in Photoshop for my in law’s wedding has a bleed. Here, I will share with you the finished product, with added glitter from my dear wifey.


So I printed a “The Activist Collection” recently. It includes all 3 stories Nick and I did. As I prepared the files in Indesign I made sure I had the bleed and not to have anything important outside the safe area.


That’s when the creep came in. The fatter your book, the most likely the creep will creep in (haha, I am so damn funny). The more pages you print of a saddle stitched booklet, the more likely the inner pages will creep out and stick out because of the folding. To make up for it, they get trimmed as well, or at least, that’s what my printer did. This resulted in more than the 1/4 inch bleed being cut off on some of the inside pages. Meaning that it might cut some of your text and whatnot.



Depending on the batch, the trim can creep in even more.


Now it’s not all that bad, considering the nightmare that was the whole printing process. See, my first batch, instead of looking like the proof they showed me, was way, WAY darker. So they ended up printing everything in color (even though most of it is B&W) and they gave me extra copies. All in all, not too bad.

So warning to you wanna be printers, beware the creep!

Stay in the safe area y’ all!




This week I met up with Nick and we collaborated on our next story that just went from 8 to 12 pages.

The reason that happened is that Nick got some very useful feedback from his art group. At first, I was resistant. I was kind of like:” Who the hell do you people think you are? You don’t know shit!”.

Then I took a deep breath and realized this was an OPPORTUNITY. Perhaps it is because I read Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art since then…regardless I re-worked the script and it is even better than before so, yeah. That’s awesome.

It’s hard to take criticism especially if it is deserving. It seems to me that the trick is to not take your work too seriously. It is just a Comicbook after all. And if you are a true collaborator, you know that other people’s critic and feedback on your work is only going to enrich it. So don’t be a pussy about it.


That’s my sock.


Collaborating with an artist is real easy when you’re a writer. You just gotta be kind of a dick. I go through the script with Nick, show him the layouts I have in mind and because he is WAY too nice, he considers them and creates roughs in the moment. I sit there and watch him slave. It’s pretty cool. Seriously though, I do love watching Nick do his thing and bounce ideas back and forth with him. It’s rewarding. I am also glad we get along well enough that we can be real honest about the work.



Take a look at my package!

Yeeeeah, I got it.

I received my package with four copies of 8th Wonder Press Anthology Science vs Mad Science! A huge thank you to Jesse at 8th Wonder Press for being so kind!



A beautiful little book packed with 18 exciting stories.


I am not going to show you the story until a few months down the road but I can show you this:



I also wanted to share the bios that Nick and I provided for the book final pages. Nick’s is especially delightful.



Want to get your own copy? It’s available here on Amazon.

Alright that’s it for this week. Enough celebrating. Time to get back to work.


My package.

I am oh so excited that 8th Wonder press Anthology is out! That means people can “read” out story, the one Nick and I cooked. I put read between “” simply because our story has no dialogue. From the offset, when I was thinking of a story for all ages, I thought back on the Warner Bros Cartoons of my childhood and Loony The Moonian somehow stemmed from that. I always liked it better when Tom and Jerry did not talk anyway.


 Again with that awesome cover by Ryan Dunlavey, the creator behind MODOK: Reign Delay and artist of The Comic Book History of Comics and Action Philosophers.


I was impatiently waiting for my free copy of the book so that I could hold it in my arms, like a baby, and maybe lick it, a little. Then, I discovered that Nick already had received his copy and all I got was this:



Yep, I cropped my address out of the picture,

you goddamn stalker!

I was pretty annihilated, yes, annihilated.

As you can see someone tore opened my package, put their dirty hands inside my package, and pulled out the entire content of my package for their sick, twisted pleasure. Disgusting. My package is now in the hands of some sick post person who thought my package was full of DVDs when, in fact, it was full of Indie Comics. Come one, we both know you can’t read!

I just want my package back.

Thankfully, the awesome people at 8th Wonder Press are sending me a new shiny package.

I cannot wait to touch my package!




Our first published story.

I want to hold it in my arms!

You might already know that Nick and I got our first short Comicbook story published. If not, let me tell you that Nick and I got our first story published in an Anthology for 8th Wonder Press. We contributed a 12 pages black and white story for all ages. The book itself is fresh off the press and Nick and I are anxiously waiting to receive our comp copies. I personally cannot believe it until I see it.

In the meantime, I figured I’d share the cover for the Anthology by artist Ryan Dunlavey. Click on his name and check out his stuff, you won’t regret it!


I cannot wait!


My Top Cow Talent Hunt 2013 SCRIPT!

HI Guys

I am not a Top Cow Talent Hunt 2013 winner …bouhou…


The good news is that I can now share the script I wrote for the Hunt with you. YEAH!

Here were the rules:


And here is my script:


Thanks for reading!