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Millarworld Submission

Millarworld submission:

They are currently taking submissions from both Artists and Writers? Why hasn’t anyone told me this?

Maybe they did and I forgot.

I was reading through the Top Cow Talent Hunt official thread on Comic Book Resources when I stumbled upon a post in which a person asked if they would be disqualified  from entering the Hunt if they were to win the Millarworld Talent Hunt which ends at the end of this month.

I had no idea this was going on.

So I went to the Millarworld website and read up on the Millarworld Submission instructions for writers.

Thankfully, they “only” ask a for short stories (4-5 pages) which must use one of their famed properties. Here is the run down:

KICK-ASS story set between Bks 1-3 (5 pages)
KINGSMAN story starring Eggsy (5 pages)
HIT-GIRL solo adventure (4 pages)
STARLIGHT starring Young Duke McQueen on Tantalus (5 pages)
AMERICAN JESUS set during first book (5 pages)
CHRONONAUTS set in the past, during first book (4 pages)

Pick any one of those and go!

Chrononauts is a great Script from Mark Millar. I can’t wait for the movie… if they can get the casting right.

I chose Chrononauts for, well, logistical reason? First off all, I HAVE all four issues (Book 1, if you may) and I love them dearly. Secondly, I am entering this contest a bit late. I only have two weeks to put a viable story together and having to refer to and study four issues versus three entire Kick-Ass story arcs is a no-brainer. I also do not own ALL of the other books. I have read some of them but that’s it.

I have been studying the four issues, applying the “method” I was talking about last week. I have yet to settle on a story idea though. If you are not familiar with Chrononauts, it depicts the story of two scientists “Bros” who wreck havoc through the time-stream by using their time machine, eventually fixing all their mess and their own lives in the process. YES, time-travelling.  As you can imagine, this quite opens up the short stories possibilities.

chrononauts_splash Marilyn
Sean Gordon Murphy’s Art is absolutely sublime.

Alright folks, I’ve got some work to do. Between the Millarworld submission, the Top Cow Talent Hunt, and the ongoing 2000 AD open submission; every aspiring Comic Book writer should be very busy in the next few weeks.