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Iron Circus Pitch: “The Popogees”

This week, I am sharing with you the third and last of the pitches I submitted to Iron Circus for their New World Anthology. I can honestly say that this is the best of the three pitches I wrote. It also was Nick’s favorite. It is very kid friendly.  For some reason, I kept thinking of Disney’s “The Lion King” when working on it.

Anyway, here it is:

The inhabitants of planet NATURA live in harmony with nature. They are called the POPOGEES and they look like humanoid giraffes. Today is a special day for the POPOGEES because a female POPOGEE is about to give birth. It is important to note that POPOGEES can only get pregnant once every millennium. This is a big deal. Did I mention the POPOGEES live for a very long time? The POPOGEES live for a very, VERY long time.The village elder watches as the strongest men of the village are pulling on the baby’s legs to get him out of there. (PAGE 1)

To their horror, the young POPOGEE is born with a big shiny horn on his head. According to the POPOGEES’ sacred tablets, such a freak of nature will only bring destruction to their village so they have to get rid of him. His mother kicks him into the nearby ocean, soccer-style, while the whole village cheers. The small POPOGEE, who is called PAPOGO, is soaring through the air. (PAGES 2 and 3).

Lucky for PAPOGO, BIZIRD is flying by (he is a mix between a bird and a lizard) and totally catches him. He decides to raise the young POPOGEE as his own and brings him to his nest to feed him gross worms. As PAPOGO grows up, they try to figure out what that horn on his head is all about. They eventually decide go see the Elder of the Forest because he knows about weird stuff like that. (PAGES 4 and 5).

The Elder of the Forest wears a hood which hides his face. He is kind of creepy. He inspects the horn on PAPOGO and asks him to concentrate on a tree. PAPOGO concentrates very hard, his horn starts to glow, and a small rainy cloud forms above the tree, creating a light drizzle. The Elder of the Forest laughs. He looks right at the tree and the tree is split in half by lightning. That’s when he takes his hood off. (PAGES 6 and 7).

The Elder of the Forest is a POPOGEE, and not simply a POPOGEE, he is a POPOGEE with a horn much like PAPOGO. His name is PAPAGA. He explains that he too was rejected from the village but his mom did not kick him in the ocean, instead she hid him in the forest along with one of the POPOGEES’ sacred tablet. The elder of the village punished his mom by kicking her in the ocean. The tablet describes how another POPOGEE with a horn would one day stop him from getting his revenge. That’s why he has been waiting patiently in the forest for all these millenniums. But clearly, it’s not PAGOGO with his puny little rainy cloud who is going to stop him. It is time for his revenge! PAPAGA put both PAPOGO and BIZIRD in a wood cage and makes his way to the village. BIZIRD starts singing, calling all his bird friends for help. Each gifted in their own ways, they work together and break down the cage. (PAGES 8 and 9).

The village is under attack. PAPAGA is burning the small huts with his lightning bolts. He is about to strike the elder of the village when PAPOGO and BIZIRD appear. PAPOGO concentrates hard and several small rainy clouds appear above PAPAGA’s head. It is raining profusely. PAPAGA cannot help but laugh at how pathetic PAPOGO is to think this could stop him. Then, a very large shadow appears on PAPAGA. He is flabbergasted as he realizes that PAPOGO is the one destined to stop him. (PAGES 10 and 11).

PAPOGO has produced a giant tidal wave that washes PAPAGA away into the ocean. PAPOGO breaks the sacred tablets as the village rallies behind their savior. BIZIRD sings a song. (PAGE 12).


Iron Circus Pitch: “Collide” and in other news

Everything is well this week and I am still hard at work on two submissions.

8th wonder press is taking submissions for their next anthology. Nick and I met up and have a pretty excited pitch we are working on. Of course, I cannot talk about it. You know, because we could actually get published for the second time….yyyyyyyyyYYYYYAAAYYYYY!


Then there is the 2015 Top Cow Talent Hunt. I have been working on this since,well, Octoberish? I think. I shared one of my scripts with friends and useful and clever feedback is coming in.

That’s it for the news on that side of Active Comics. We are working, writing, every day. We’re active haha.

I figured that this week I would share one of my failures… I mean, one of the pitches I sent to Iron Circus for their New World Anthology. Hint, hint… It was not selected.

Get your mind blown by craziness and, like my favorite Comic Book of the day would say,


Two planets, OTETH and DRILL, orbit a small sun. OTETH is populated with a race of Renaissance Actors who worship Shakespeare like a God. DRILL is populated by Firefighters who are constantly putting out their small volcanic planet multiple fires. The planets rotate on the same orbit but in opposite directions, until one day, they eventually collide. (PAGE 1).

Not knowing what to do, each nation sends a delegate to the other nation’s leader. They are each carrying a gift as a sign of good will. OTETH offers a skull, one of their precious relics, to the leader of the Firefighters who is called the CAPTAIN. In turn, DRILL offers a big red fire hydrant to the Actors leader, King JULIUS LEAR the THIRD. (PAGES 2 and 3).

The CAPTAIN thinks the skull is a threat and rallies his people in retaliation. King JULIUS LEAR the THIRD inspects the fire hydrant and, upon turning it on, gets completely drenched in water. Clearly, this is a prank from the Firefighter nation and he will not stand for it. Each nation then works at separating their home planet from the other. The Actors perform monologues with such pulmonary force that it pushes their planet away from DRILL while the firefighters push OTETH away using their fire hoses. Finally, the planets are drifting away from each other. (PAGES 4 and 5).

But the planets are still on the same orbit. Upon going around the sun once more, they meet again and collide with even greater force. Such force, in fact, that inhabitants from both planets are being ejected and thrown all over both lands. Actors are stuck in the middle of fires on DRILL and Firefighters are stuck on stage on OTETH, facing a senior citizen matinee audience. Thankfully, the actors start blasting monologues, extinguishing fires with their breath while firefighters hose them down. On OTETH, firefighters are being given lines and put on quite a show using their fire hoses and funny hats. Even the CAPTAIN and King JULIUS LEAR the THIRD are having a good time, driving a fire truck while acting some epic scene, putting out fires and stunning audiences. (PAGE 6 and 7).

Once the chaos is over, the two nations fill the dividing reef with water so that they can all swim and relax. Going forward, they have plenty of pool parties where they learn about each other cultures, discovering the true meaning of skulls and fire hydrants. (PAGE 8).

Iron Circus Pitch: “Down the Hole”

This week, I am sharing one of the three pitches I sent to Iron Circus for their New World Anthology. As you might already know, I got rejected (one single tear is going down my white cheek right now). I decided to share the “Down the Hole” story because it is a strange story. It was the second story I came up with for their theme of having to deal with the alien. Here it is:

On planet SERRA, a team is sent to investigate a mysterious crash. ROGER, a square-chinned and misogynistic adventurer leads the way. He is followed by scientist CAROLYN, and their pack-mule alien servant MILLARD. MILLARD is made to set up the gear so that they can rappel down the hole where the crash happened. (PAGE 1).

Ways down the hole, they spot a side tunnel and start going through it. MILLARD is exhausted because he is made to carry all the gear and he accidentally drops some on the ground, including ROGER’s expensive bottles of scotch. ROGER goes to whip him as punishment but CAROLYN stops him. ROGER punches CAROLYN in the face for intervening. MILLARD helps her up and apologizes when menacing shadows appear on the walls down the tunnel. ROGER points his laser gun in the shadows direction. (PAGES 2 and 3).

The shadows are revealed to be aliens who look just like MILLARD. They speak a language only he can understand. They reveal that he is one of them. Years ago, they sent a reconnaissance ship looking for a new habitable planet and found planet SERRA. Unfortunately, it seems like the inhabitants of SERRA chose to enslave his race. MILLARD and his people are descendants from that reconnaissance ship. The aliens lead the crew down the tunnel and to the bottom of the hole where their spaceship crashed. While repairing their ship, they created a beautiful makeshift village and are cultivating plants. CAROLYN is fascinated by their culture and science. ROGER is suspicious. He orders everyone to go back up the tunnel and wait right by the edge of the hole. He is going to make an important announcement in the name of planet SERRA. (PAGES 4 and 5).

With all the aliens gathered by the edge of the hole, ROGER announces that they are in violation of his proud galaxy’s immigration laws. He then produces a huge laser gun and starts zapping the aliens. They back up into the hole to avoid being zapped and some fall to certain death. CAROLYN goes to stop him and he zaps her too. MILLARD attacks him from behind, lifts ROGER above his head, and throws him into the hole. (PAGES 6 and 7).

ROGER is still hanging to a small ledge inside the hole, begging MILLARD for help. MILLARD uses the huge laser gun on ROGER. ROGER’s remains falls down the hole. As the aliens go back to repairing their ship, MILLARD advises them to hurry and leave this wretched planet. Holding the laser gun, MILLARD vows to keep guard at the entrance of the tunnel until his people are safely gone. (PAGE 8).

Feedback welcome,


The Nicest Rejection

Last night, I got an email from Spike at Iron Circus informing us that our proposal(s) had been rejected.

It was the nicest rejection email I ever received. Instead of keeping it short and direct like most emails of that type, Spike emphasized how difficult the process was for her, that she had to rejects friends and people she is a fan of, that there was no way to include all those awesome stories in one book. She also encouraged everyone to try again next time and challenged us to prove her wrong. It was a very positive, albeit understandably disappointing, reading experience.

Now the crazy thing is that when I read the email, I actually said “good” out loud. I was actually relieved. I have been spending so much time and having so much fun working on my Top Cow submissions that I did not want anything taking me away from it, even if it meant being published a second time.

Do I write too much?

I have been working tirelessly..well, that’s a lie. I am always tired as soon as I wake up anyway.
As I was saying, I have been working on writing stories for this: The New World Comic Book Anthology is being put together by Iron Circus Comics. You have until the 20th to submit so hurry the hell up!
The first story I wrote ended up being 12 pages of comic book long. It is the best out of the three. At least, that’s what the few people who read it think. And the thing is…yes, it is. It’s actually a pretty good story.
Then I wrote a second one. I did not “think” much over it, whatever ideas I had, I just ran with it. And that story is okay.
The third story is just plain fucking weird. I did not even try to censor myself or think or center my process ot do anything but go with the first thing that popped up in my head. It was awesome. And it is pure nonsense. I love it.


This fun pic is from this awesome article about writing. Go read it.

So I am getting to my point here.
Can you write too much? Can you exhaust your fuel? In this specific case, I am not writing for fun. There is a specific theme Iron Circus Comics require of the stories. Maybe I could only churn one out? Maybe I don’t know what the fuck I am doing? Maybe it’s not as fun when I am not writing for fun. Maybe it’s a lot harder to be a professional writer, writing to somebody else’s demands.
I feel like I ran out. I put all my energies into one, unwillingly so, and the rest is like leftovers. Weird leftovers. But I like weird.

Time will tell. Or not.