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List your ideas: Reminders for writers.

Ideas strike at anytime, they are not on a schedule.

Whether you’re having an idea for a new story or just remembered that you should add that one awesome line at the bottom of that one page, you need to make sure you do one thing right away.

WRITE IT DOWN! Like, now!

As a writer, you know that if you don’t, you are not going to remember it, that’s why you need to write it down in the moment so that you can capture the idea and not let it go. It seems that in the past, writers always carried a little notebook so that they could jolt down those ideas before they disappear in the ether. This is still a viable option but I would like to propose the alternative I have been using thanks to today’s technology.

LIST YOUR IDEAS on your phone!

I don’t know about you but I ALWAYS have my phone on me, whether I am at work or at home, it is always in my pocket so why not just write it down on your phone?

Some might use an actual note app like Evernote or the like but if, like me, you got a free old Iphone, there is an app on it that might just do the trick: REMINDERS.

photo 1

In the reminders app, I create a list for each project I am working on, plus a general writing list for random, well, general ideas.

photo 1 (2)

When the muse strikes, I simply list it under the correct list name. I then go into scrivener (or your preferred word processor) and copy my notes in there. I usually expand on my ideas then and there as well. Once that is done, I check it on my list and move on to the next item. Satisfying, right?

photo 2 (2)

The great thing about the app is that it does not delete your notes. Instead, it hides them, so you can always go and see the hidden notes from earlier. It keeps it all.

Now, that does not mean you should give up on pen and paper entirely. I still love writing long hand on good ol’ paper. But since you already have your phone in your pocket, you might as well use it for something constructive.



The things you won’t remember.

Last night, I was lying in bed, about to fall asleep and my mind wandered. I started thinking about one of the stories I am currently working on and an idea, something I wanted to add to the story, sprung to mind.

Quick, I got out of bed, ran towards my desk, frantically repeating in my head those couple sentences I did not want to forget until finally, after grabbing a notepad and a pen, I committed them to paper, a sigh of relief, all was not lost after all.



Some stuff I jolted down last night, half in darkness.

You know that feeling. It’s like it’s coming down from the angels and the muses. An idea, an edit, a twist of phrase, a better word. It can happen anytime. Boom, it just falls on your head. And if you’re like me, you made the mistake of thinking that oh, you’ll remember it, how could you forget THAT? Next time you sit at your desk to work on that part of the story, it’ll come back to you, you’ll write it then.

But that’s a lie. It will not come back. I’m sure it happened to you. Things you did not write down and then vanished, never to be remembered, never to be conjured up and lost forever. Man, if I could remember those. The mind is a feeble thing.

So be prepared! Keeping a note pad next to your bed, on your nightstand is a good start. You can even capture your dreams before they fade away.

I work a dumb job that gives me time to daydream. When I am at work and something comes to mind, I actually put it in my phone. I have a whole list of notes I go through using the list app on my phone. Just make sure to back it up.



My virtual pocket-notepad.

Hold on to these fleeting ideas. you’re lucky enough that you get some, don’t gamble it, commit it to paper and move on.