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Let’s Make Out.

Make Out is a Virtuazine.

Yes. A virtual magazine featuring short comic book stories. This VirtuAnthology, if you will,  is specifically designed for easy reading  on phones and tablets. The comic book panels have been formatted so that you can read the stories scrolling down on your phone or tablet as opposed to reading a good ol’ paper-pulped comic book from left to right like a real fucking human. I enjoy digital content but I will always prefer being able to smell my comic book, nose deep in its spine.

Why am I talking about Make Out? Shameless plug of course!

The four pager I wrote entitled “Brain Freeze” with Artist Seamus P. Burke will be featured in issue 1 coming out this week.

“Brain Freeze” is a work of pure spite. It was the second submission I sent to 2000AD. They only take submission via snail mail so you must include a return to sender envelop in order to get a response which means that you must include an envelop with UK postage on it. You can imagine how much fun it is to find UK stamps in the US. Well, it’s not. I actually had to ask a friend living in the UK to send me some.

“Brain Freeze” was rejected by 2000AD so using my spite-fueled energy, I decided to produce it so that I could show how great of a short story it really is. I know Seamus from the PDX Comic Crew Group we both go to and I always wanted to work with him. As it  turned out, we both share a love for Paul Verhoeven movies such as “Robocop” and “Starship Troopers”, which this story takes a lot of inspiration from.

Since “Brain Freeze” will be featured in Make Out and Portland’s own Entertainment paper “BANG!”, I am only going to share the first page here.You can read the entire story in Make Out (check out the magic portal!) out on October 23rd.