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Curated by Gail Simone

I have to admit. I am not a big fan of social media.

Until recently, I limited myself to Facebook, mostly watching what people are up to. Yep, I’m kinda creepy like that.

Recently though, I have made a conscious effort to increase my social media presence. I want to put my name out there so that people check out my site and read my stories.

Truns out,  A LOT of Comic Book Creators are on both Twitter and Tumblr. Following them gives me an insight on how they market themselves and promote their books. I’m also a fan and wants to know about their latest projects. Some of them (Chip Zdarsky) are also freaking hilarious.

Tumblr is a great tool to share your passions through reblogging. To repost cool comicbook sketches of favorite artists or any other comicbook related posts is a great way to maintain a social media presence without much effort. Plus, you can link it to your Twitter and Facebook accounts and shotgun blast the internet with it. My favorite thing to do is to take a picture on my phone of a favorite panel or cover from a Comic Book I’m reading and post it on my Instagram with simultaneous posting on Tumblr, Twitter, AND Facebook. BAM! Shotgun Blast!

It is during my tumblr wanderings that I discovered the Comics Survival Kit blog. Curated by Gail Simone (Red Sonja, Secret Six and much, much more), the blog offers advice from professionals on how to navigate the Comic Book industry.

Here are a couple of my favorite articles (so far!):



and of course,


The Comics Survival Kit blog is a truly formidable resource. Many thanks to Gail Simone for providing us with tips and advice on how to become a pro!


PS: you can find my tumbr here.

On paper first.

I have been working on an horror story that Nick came up with. I don’t want to spoil anything so I will not talk about the story itself.

I want to pitch to Blood Root so I have to write the actual pitch for it which is NOT the funnest thing ever. Before doing so, I feel more comfortable scripting the whole thing even if only loosely so.

This time, instead of plotting first on my PC, I actually “made” the entire 8 pages story in my notebook and THEN wrote the first draft of the pitch.



You’re not supposed to understand any of this. If you do, please consult with your doctor.

Now, my drawing skills are terrible but since I am a very visual thinker, it helps. Furthermore. I love doing layouts and think about the page as a whole. Also, as the writer that you are, you know that there is something fundamentally liberating about writing and doodling on paper with a pencil. Word-processing can never match that.

Now that I have this framework, I have something to show Nick so I can get his opinion on it and ask him for his artistic expertise. I can also script the whole story, using my “drawings” as a map.

This is not the first time “draw” the entire comic in this fashion. I usually do it along with the scripting or afterwards to check that everything makes sense from a visual standpoint. More importantly, it is a lot of fun to “write” the story that way and pretend that I can draw.


Into submission

As I mentioned last week, now that Nick and I are done with Loony the Moonian for 8th Wonder Press; I am keeping an eye opened for more submissions we can pitch to.

One way of doing that is a simple google search:



One of the result is a great resource called Cloudscape. They post all kind of submissions and stuff. You should really check them out. Thanks to that site, I found the next submission we are working on:




Blood Root is looking for supernatural inspired stories…and they pay money if they publish you!

So go ahead and submit! I know I will.