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Top Cow Talent Hunt 2015: “Unburdened”

I submitted three scripts to the 2015 Top Cow Talent Hunt and I am going to share them with you in the coming weeks.

First up is “Unburdened”. I chose the bearer of the thirteenth Artifact, JI XI. The Asian monk burdened with carrying a deadly weapon, becoming the victim of its uncontrollable fury really struck a chord with me. I really wanted to explore him as a character.

And I did.


This script is actually the second script I wrote. It all started with him running away from some sort of militia who wanted to put their hands on the artifact and ended up being about trust, responsibility, and Kung Fu. Research for this script was a great excuse to watch Martial Arts films. I have to thank Bruce Lee for inspiring JI XI’s nemesis, the deadly and cunning Marcus.

It was a lot of fun and learning.

Here it is: “Unburdened”


Ripped to shreds.

I am currently reading tons of Top Cow comics in order to compete for their Talent Hunt. As I read more and more of their stuff, a story starts to form in my head. That’s good. Better hurry since the January 31st deadline is looming. Incidentally, it is also my mommy’s birthday and the deadline for our Loony Story with 8th Wonder Press.

I need to be familiar with the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the Top Cow Universe if I want to write a story to their specifications and satisfaction. As I mentioned last week, they provide a list of recommended reading (thank God!). I have been trying to get my hands on all of the books. I got a fair share from the library (I pay taxes Goddammit!), others from the Comic Book Shop (Excalibur!!!) and then, as a last resort, Amazon.com. I ordered the first volume of “Artifacts” from them ( I got all other 4 volumes from the library).

I was really excited to read it. It has an introduction by Marc Silvestri that really explains his vision for Top Cow. How it was “the perfect place to satisfy [his] sci-fi/fantasy/horror fetish.” And it is. Looking back on the Witchblade and the Darkness, I realize it is very much X files if Mulder and Scully had superpowers. It has detective/horror elements much like “Seven” with added fantasy elements (Angels, demons and even Dragons!) and heroes wielding magical weapons on top. What a cocktail! If anything, there is nothing else like it in Comics.

I am truly enjoying the experience, much more than I thought I would. Writer Ron Marz is really bringing the whole universe and all its characters together in a compelling and downright cool way. I am looking forward to reading more of his work.

But even better, I cannot wait to finish the research phase and start the outline phase ( I already have a plot!).

The only blemish on that otherwise good time is that damn Artifacts Vol.1 from Amazon.com. As soon as I started reading, it started falling apart at the seam! Each page I turned would come undone! That was like a total nightmare!!! It fell apart one page at a time.


Yep, she’s dead; ripped to shreds.

I never had that happen before! Books from the library are as sturdy as a rock but this brand new one falls apart?!? I was totally freaked out. You know, bad omen type of situation. Looking at it now, I believe the glue from the seam must have been defective. Oh well, I should have gotten it from the comic book store. I still might because the artwork is pretty sumptuous too.

I am about to read Artifacts Vol.4 tonight. Stjepan Sejic is the artist ( he was for a few other titles I read as part of the research) and he is a very talented artist/digital painter. I’ll leave you on a positive note with his sick artwork! Go check him out.

Artifacts_14_Image_Expo_variantOne happy family!

The Top Cow Talent Hunt

Though I am obviously still working on the script for 8th Wonder Press, I am also starting work on the next thing. And the next thing for me is: The Top Cow Talent Hunt.

Publisher Top Cow is looking to publish the work of 4 artists and 4 writers. All you have to do is submit a script or some artwork following their hyper specific guidelines. I only heard of this a couple weeks back so I am a bit late to the party but I am still going to write a 22 pages script by the January 31st deadline. I just have to read up and study the Top Cow universe first.

I actually started reading Witchblade and the Darkness when it first came out in France back in 1996 I believe. It was published by Image Comics and I thought it was so cool but I was like 14 years old and I thought SPAWN was the bomb! So the Witchblade was like a sexy version of Spawn to me. Then the Darkness came out and it was another cool murderous dark anti-hero. It was all very dark and brooding and gory like Batman on steroids (and with boobs!) and I loved it.

The Top Cow universe has changed quite a bit since  so I have A LOT of catching up to do. Thank god the submission guidelines include recommended reading.


Poor me! I have to read sooooooo many comics.

Now I am trying to get as many of this books from the library as possible and I did find about half of what I need. I am just waiting for them all to be available which should be soon. I am also still waiting on Artifacts Vol.1 from Amazon so I can read the whole series. So far it is the only trade I bought for the purpose of this submission but I plan on going to Excalibur to get some more stuff as I am sure they carry pretty much everything and I like giving them money. They are a true comic book shop where one can find specific issues AND they know their stuff. No gimmicks. No toys.

That’s about it. I will keep you updated on the processes. On one hand the studying of the Top Cow universe and the birth of a story within that universe; and on the other hand, I’ll let you know how our to-be-published project is coming along.

After all that, perhaps I can catch up on my library readings:


Look at me and my first world problems:

I don’t have enough time to read ALL those Comic Books!

See you next week,