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Iron Circus Pitch: “Down the Hole”

This week, I am sharing one of the three pitches I sent to Iron Circus for their New World Anthology. As you might already know, I got rejected (one single tear is going down my white cheek right now). I decided to share the “Down the Hole” story because it is a strange story. It was the second story I came up with for their theme of having to deal with the alien. Here it is:

On planet SERRA, a team is sent to investigate a mysterious crash. ROGER, a square-chinned and misogynistic adventurer leads the way. He is followed by scientist CAROLYN, and their pack-mule alien servant MILLARD. MILLARD is made to set up the gear so that they can rappel down the hole where the crash happened. (PAGE 1).

Ways down the hole, they spot a side tunnel and start going through it. MILLARD is exhausted because he is made to carry all the gear and he accidentally drops some on the ground, including ROGER’s expensive bottles of scotch. ROGER goes to whip him as punishment but CAROLYN stops him. ROGER punches CAROLYN in the face for intervening. MILLARD helps her up and apologizes when menacing shadows appear on the walls down the tunnel. ROGER points his laser gun in the shadows direction. (PAGES 2 and 3).

The shadows are revealed to be aliens who look just like MILLARD. They speak a language only he can understand. They reveal that he is one of them. Years ago, they sent a reconnaissance ship looking for a new habitable planet and found planet SERRA. Unfortunately, it seems like the inhabitants of SERRA chose to enslave his race. MILLARD and his people are descendants from that reconnaissance ship. The aliens lead the crew down the tunnel and to the bottom of the hole where their spaceship crashed. While repairing their ship, they created a beautiful makeshift village and are cultivating plants. CAROLYN is fascinated by their culture and science. ROGER is suspicious. He orders everyone to go back up the tunnel and wait right by the edge of the hole. He is going to make an important announcement in the name of planet SERRA. (PAGES 4 and 5).

With all the aliens gathered by the edge of the hole, ROGER announces that they are in violation of his proud galaxy’s immigration laws. He then produces a huge laser gun and starts zapping the aliens. They back up into the hole to avoid being zapped and some fall to certain death. CAROLYN goes to stop him and he zaps her too. MILLARD attacks him from behind, lifts ROGER above his head, and throws him into the hole. (PAGES 6 and 7).

ROGER is still hanging to a small ledge inside the hole, begging MILLARD for help. MILLARD uses the huge laser gun on ROGER. ROGER’s remains falls down the hole. As the aliens go back to repairing their ship, MILLARD advises them to hurry and leave this wretched planet. Holding the laser gun, MILLARD vows to keep guard at the entrance of the tunnel until his people are safely gone. (PAGE 8).

Feedback welcome,


The Nicest Rejection

Last night, I got an email from Spike at Iron Circus informing us that our proposal(s) had been rejected.

It was the nicest rejection email I ever received. Instead of keeping it short and direct like most emails of that type, Spike emphasized how difficult the process was for her, that she had to rejects friends and people she is a fan of, that there was no way to include all those awesome stories in one book. She also encouraged everyone to try again next time and challenged us to prove her wrong. It was a very positive, albeit understandably disappointing, reading experience.

Now the crazy thing is that when I read the email, I actually said “good” out loud. I was actually relieved. I have been spending so much time and having so much fun working on my Top Cow submissions that I did not want anything taking me away from it, even if it meant being published a second time.

Out of order

Yesterday, I wrote the ending to a short story I am working on.

I like writing the ending first, you know, if it comes to mind. I like to know where I’m going.

The thing is, though, I don’t have a beginning yet. I know it is mostly thank to using Scrivener that I can just write things out of order. It takes a lot more windows juggling when using Word. In Scrivener, I can just write a bunch of scenes, out of order, and put them in the whole story later… or just trash them if they truly suck. It’s like a puzzle where you create a bunch of pieces and then decide which one goes where. I really enjoy working this way, it’s a lot less boring? Yeah, less boring, less linear, less predictable.


Besides that, it is a pretty light week on the news front for us here. We are waiting to hear about the New World submission results (RAAAAAAAAGH!!! The suspense is killing mE!) and working hard on the Top Cow Talent Hunt. I hope you participate. I am personally having a blast on the forum. Hope to see you there.


Do I write too much?

I have been working tirelessly..well, that’s a lie. I am always tired as soon as I wake up anyway.
As I was saying, I have been working on writing stories for this: The New World Comic Book Anthology is being put together by Iron Circus Comics. You have until the 20th to submit so hurry the hell up!
The first story I wrote ended up being 12 pages of comic book long. It is the best out of the three. At least, that’s what the few people who read it think. And the thing is…yes, it is. It’s actually a pretty good story.
Then I wrote a second one. I did not “think” much over it, whatever ideas I had, I just ran with it. And that story is okay.
The third story is just plain fucking weird. I did not even try to censor myself or think or center my process ot do anything but go with the first thing that popped up in my head. It was awesome. And it is pure nonsense. I love it.


This fun pic is from this awesome article about writing. Go read it.

So I am getting to my point here.
Can you write too much? Can you exhaust your fuel? In this specific case, I am not writing for fun. There is a specific theme Iron Circus Comics require of the stories. Maybe I could only churn one out? Maybe I don’t know what the fuck I am doing? Maybe it’s not as fun when I am not writing for fun. Maybe it’s a lot harder to be a professional writer, writing to somebody else’s demands.
I feel like I ran out. I put all my energies into one, unwillingly so, and the rest is like leftovers. Weird leftovers. But I like weird.

Time will tell. Or not.

Take a look at my package!

Yeeeeah, I got it.

I received my package with four copies of 8th Wonder Press Anthology Science vs Mad Science! A huge thank you to Jesse at 8th Wonder Press for being so kind!



A beautiful little book packed with 18 exciting stories.


I am not going to show you the story until a few months down the road but I can show you this:



I also wanted to share the bios that Nick and I provided for the book final pages. Nick’s is especially delightful.



Want to get your own copy? It’s available here on Amazon.

Alright that’s it for this week. Enough celebrating. Time to get back to work.


My package.

I am oh so excited that 8th Wonder press Anthology is out! That means people can “read” out story, the one Nick and I cooked. I put read between “” simply because our story has no dialogue. From the offset, when I was thinking of a story for all ages, I thought back on the Warner Bros Cartoons of my childhood and Loony The Moonian somehow stemmed from that. I always liked it better when Tom and Jerry did not talk anyway.


 Again with that awesome cover by Ryan Dunlavey, the creator behind MODOK: Reign Delay and artist of The Comic Book History of Comics and Action Philosophers.


I was impatiently waiting for my free copy of the book so that I could hold it in my arms, like a baby, and maybe lick it, a little. Then, I discovered that Nick already had received his copy and all I got was this:



Yep, I cropped my address out of the picture,

you goddamn stalker!

I was pretty annihilated, yes, annihilated.

As you can see someone tore opened my package, put their dirty hands inside my package, and pulled out the entire content of my package for their sick, twisted pleasure. Disgusting. My package is now in the hands of some sick post person who thought my package was full of DVDs when, in fact, it was full of Indie Comics. Come one, we both know you can’t read!

I just want my package back.

Thankfully, the awesome people at 8th Wonder Press are sending me a new shiny package.

I cannot wait to touch my package!




Our first published story.

I want to hold it in my arms!

You might already know that Nick and I got our first short Comicbook story published. If not, let me tell you that Nick and I got our first story published in an Anthology for 8th Wonder Press. We contributed a 12 pages black and white story for all ages. The book itself is fresh off the press and Nick and I are anxiously waiting to receive our comp copies. I personally cannot believe it until I see it.

In the meantime, I figured I’d share the cover for the Anthology by artist Ryan Dunlavey. Click on his name and check out his stuff, you won’t regret it!


I cannot wait!


Top Cow Talent Hunt Loser

That’s right folks, I’m a Top Cow talent Hunt loser!
… And so are hundreds of other applicants.



I know Sara, I am surprised too!

I have yet to receive the official email but the results have been announced (here) and I am not one of the chosen few. What truly bums me out is that I really loved the story I wrote and I am saddened I will not see it drawn. That’s my only regret. Once I am sure I can share it with you guys, I will post it here though. Of course I also wondered why they did not choose my story and I wish I could get some feedback. Why they did not choose my story, well, only they know why and it seems only fair they would tell me such. Unfortunately, with such a high volume of entries, there is no way they can provide individual feedback which truly sucks.

Thankfully, I can comfort myself in the fact that Nick and I’s first published story is about to see the light of day in 8th Wonder Press Mad Science Anthology!



So who’s the loser now, you Cow?


On paper first.

I have been working on an horror story that Nick came up with. I don’t want to spoil anything so I will not talk about the story itself.

I want to pitch to Blood Root so I have to write the actual pitch for it which is NOT the funnest thing ever. Before doing so, I feel more comfortable scripting the whole thing even if only loosely so.

This time, instead of plotting first on my PC, I actually “made” the entire 8 pages story in my notebook and THEN wrote the first draft of the pitch.



You’re not supposed to understand any of this. If you do, please consult with your doctor.

Now, my drawing skills are terrible but since I am a very visual thinker, it helps. Furthermore. I love doing layouts and think about the page as a whole. Also, as the writer that you are, you know that there is something fundamentally liberating about writing and doodling on paper with a pencil. Word-processing can never match that.

Now that I have this framework, I have something to show Nick so I can get his opinion on it and ask him for his artistic expertise. I can also script the whole story, using my “drawings” as a map.

This is not the first time “draw” the entire comic in this fashion. I usually do it along with the scripting or afterwards to check that everything makes sense from a visual standpoint. More importantly, it is a lot of fun to “write” the story that way and pretend that I can draw.


Into submission

As I mentioned last week, now that Nick and I are done with Loony the Moonian for 8th Wonder Press; I am keeping an eye opened for more submissions we can pitch to.

One way of doing that is a simple google search:



One of the result is a great resource called Cloudscape. They post all kind of submissions and stuff. You should really check them out. Thanks to that site, I found the next submission we are working on:




Blood Root is looking for supernatural inspired stories…and they pay money if they publish you!

So go ahead and submit! I know I will.