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Daughters of Gaia

Daughters of Gaia is a 5 issues mini series I have been writing since last year. Earlier this year, I commissioned my trusted collaborator DKaotic to draw the first 10 pages and character designs for the story. I have since been pitching it around with no success (so far!).

I believe it’s about time I share it with you guys.

So what is Daughters of Gaia? If i were a Bro, I would pitch it like this:

“Dragon Ball Z… with chicks, man!”

and that would be partly true?

Yes, I love DBZ and over-the-top Street Fighter-esque action just as much as the next under-powered nerd. But Daughters of Gaia is not about the fighting even though there is a lot of it. It’s about the friction between doing what is right for your family and doing what is right for you. That is the heart of the story and the jest of what our main character, AKO, is going through. Though she should stay behind and help the people in her underground town, AKO ultimately chooses to enroll in the tournament because she believes she is the one  Daughter of Gaia destined to ascend and join their pantheon.  But what truly happens when a young girl ascend into the clouds towards infinite space?

If this book ever gets published, we’ll find out then.

In the meantime, enjoy the 10 pages that DK and I put together and some of the designs.


AKO, just showing off.

AKO’s best frenemy: RUBY.

The SISTERS OF GAIA organize the tournament and teaches the Prophecy of Gaia but they know more about what’s behind the ascension than they let out.