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Putting a Comic-Book Together (how I get technical).

In preparation for the Rose City Comic Con, I have been compiling Nick and I’s work.  Using Adobe InDesign, I compiled all three issues of the Activist to be printed in one 32 pages B&W opus.



Can you see the typo?


Adobe InDesign is pretty easy to use when you are already familiar with other Adobe programs such as Illustrator (which I use to create the word balloons, written words and sound effects on top of Nick’s artwork) and Photoshop (which I use to merge the artwork and the Lettering files together on top of all the crazy other things I create with it including, but not restricted to, wedding invitations).

Our last issue, Oily Shit!, was a breeze since we knew about bleed and the right kind of formatting for comic book pages. I just had to drop it in and InDesign made the book for me. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for our older comics. I had to resize and sometimes even correct and adjust the lettering, account for bleed on documents without bleed and make sure the color art from Big Enough For You? don’t look like crap in B&W. I even found a couple typos! You guys did not tell me.

This whole process took a lot longer than expected as my poor 4 years old laptop struggled to switch from one Adobe program to another, having all three opened simultaneously. I am actually surprised it did not start smoking.



Can the saddle stitch handle that many pages?


I did it though…or almost. Tomorrow, I go back to the printer to see the proofs and if it all looks good, I’ll show you guys next week.


Big Typo.

I started passing around my business card.

People usually like it. I did it here if you wanna try.


Notice the pretty artwork from Nick. Only I know that’s what he looks like on the toilet–>here.

Yesterday I gave it to a coworker and told him about the work Nick and I are doing and how we’re going to be in an anthology blah blah blah…

Then the unthinkable happened. As he was browsing through this very website on his I-phone, he noticed a TYPO! Not a typo in a text or a blog or a word balloon. No no no..that I could have stomached. He saw this:


How do you pronounce that???

What in the name of fuck? I mean come on people, a little help here. No one noticed this!!!??? Yeah, I’m looking at you Nick. I have a valid excuse, English is my second language: “Anglissh his aard four mi”.

Anyway I fixed it:


Phew! I feel better. Next time though, could you please let me know you guys. I mean, what am I not paying you for?


The GIF that keeps on GIFFING.

Oily GIF!

I just could not resist. A GIF is such a succinct way of sharing the process with you guys. Of course, there is a lot more involved than just pasting stuff on top of each other like some mad comic book sandwich artist, especially when it comes to Nick’s Artwork.

In any case, I love making GIFs. If you enjoy them, you should check out the two Activist Issues I made using Photoshop.

Also don’t miss on our new issue: Oily Shit!

New Look…finally!

So I finally found a better Theme for this blog. It is called Fontfolio and it does what my blog needed most: it makes it more VISUAL.

I just love the new front page.

newsiteThe order of posts featured can be re-arranged via Sticky Notes.

The most difficult part was to find a “full width” theme in order to accommodate the comics themselves but especially the large GIFs from the AC series.

The second big change is that I decided to do away with “pages” for the Comics themselves. Instead I chose to feature the art on one long page, separated by a slight margin.


Try it here and tell me what you think,


The Activist: “Oily Shit!”

The Activist is back in an issue where the old is new again thanks to Nick Nall.

We “re-did” Oily Shit. I really wanted Nick to draw the story so that it is not just my version.

There you go!

Behind the Tease.

This week, you get a little tease.

Nick is working hard on the next issue and trying some new things and I am oh so excited.

Before I am knee deep into word balloons, I thought I’d share a little teaser and show you how Nick brings the script to life.


Excert from the OILY SHIT Script- Page 3

3.2. The AC grabs onto a board member (Cynthia CARROLL) by the collar as BOOGIE blinds her from behind. A tentacle appears behind the AC.

AC:Got ya!

 3.3. The tentacle has grabbed the AC by his feet and is pulling him from behind while he is still holding onto CARROLL’s collar. The AC is being stretched a bit between the two and starts freaking out.

 AC:What the heeeeeeell???

 3.4. Close on a very surprised AC. He is holding the now torn suit as the tentacle wraps itself around him.




So hard to print!

This past week was an adventure into the world of printing and InDesign. What a load of shit. Fuck Kinkos.(and Documart as well). I found my savior at Minuteman this morning and they helped me print a real comic book looking Activist (in no time at all!). I have yet to truly understand why my Comic Book needs to “bleed” so much.

If you have not yet, go read it. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of Nick Nall holding it.

Next week, I ‘ll let you know how writing (or in this case, re-writing) the next issue is coming along (or not).

Thanks for your support and to those who helped me with the printing process.



The Activist: Where’s my buddy?

The second self-made photoshop issue of the Activist. It is called:”Where’s my buddy?”. The Activist’s sidekick, Boogie, enlists the help of the coach in order to find his friend.

I really pushed for GIFs on this one and loved it. Perhaps, one day, I will produce the rest of the story. Right now, this not a priority.

The ACTIVIST #1 “Oily Shit” (PS Version)

Oily Shit!

When I first started writing Comic Books, I had  a hard time finding an artist. I was deluted enough that I thought I could find someone who would draw my stories for free. I know better now. At the time, I decided to make my own comic in Photoshop and the Activist #1 “Oily Shit” was born.

It was a great learning experience and my web project for The Graphic Novel Writing Class I took at Portland State University with Brian Michael Bendis. “Oily Shit” got an A.