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Submit to 8th Wonder Press

Earlier this year, 8th Wonder Press published their Comic Book Anthology “Science VS Mad Science”. Nick and I ‘s story “Loony the Moonian makes friends” was published in it and we were thrilled to be given a chance to be published for the first time.

A few days ago, I received an email from 8th Wonder Press announcing that they are now accepting submissions for their third volume and gosh, isn’t it a doozie!


This time, they are looking for 2 pages stories to be published in a saddle-stitched regular size Comic Book. I am so excited. It is such a great challenge to tell a story in such limited space and Nick and I are up for it.

The team at 8th Wonder Press is quite wonderful (haha) so go check out the submission guidelines and submit!


Take a look at my package!

Yeeeeah, I got it.

I received my package with four copies of 8th Wonder Press Anthology Science vs Mad Science! A huge thank you to Jesse at 8th Wonder Press for being so kind!



A beautiful little book packed with 18 exciting stories.


I am not going to show you the story until a few months down the road but I can show you this:



I also wanted to share the bios that Nick and I provided for the book final pages. Nick’s is especially delightful.



Want to get your own copy? It’s available here on Amazon.

Alright that’s it for this week. Enough celebrating. Time to get back to work.


My package.

I am oh so excited that 8th Wonder press Anthology is out! That means people can “read” out story, the one Nick and I cooked. I put read between “” simply because our story has no dialogue. From the offset, when I was thinking of a story for all ages, I thought back on the Warner Bros Cartoons of my childhood and Loony The Moonian somehow stemmed from that. I always liked it better when Tom and Jerry did not talk anyway.


 Again with that awesome cover by Ryan Dunlavey, the creator behind MODOK: Reign Delay and artist of The Comic Book History of Comics and Action Philosophers.


I was impatiently waiting for my free copy of the book so that I could hold it in my arms, like a baby, and maybe lick it, a little. Then, I discovered that Nick already had received his copy and all I got was this:



Yep, I cropped my address out of the picture,

you goddamn stalker!

I was pretty annihilated, yes, annihilated.

As you can see someone tore opened my package, put their dirty hands inside my package, and pulled out the entire content of my package for their sick, twisted pleasure. Disgusting. My package is now in the hands of some sick post person who thought my package was full of DVDs when, in fact, it was full of Indie Comics. Come one, we both know you can’t read!

I just want my package back.

Thankfully, the awesome people at 8th Wonder Press are sending me a new shiny package.

I cannot wait to touch my package!




Our first published story.

I want to hold it in my arms!

You might already know that Nick and I got our first short Comicbook story published. If not, let me tell you that Nick and I got our first story published in an Anthology for 8th Wonder Press. We contributed a 12 pages black and white story for all ages. The book itself is fresh off the press and Nick and I are anxiously waiting to receive our comp copies. I personally cannot believe it until I see it.

In the meantime, I figured I’d share the cover for the Anthology by artist Ryan Dunlavey. Click on his name and check out his stuff, you won’t regret it!


I cannot wait!


Top Cow Talent Hunt Loser

That’s right folks, I’m a Top Cow talent Hunt loser!
… And so are hundreds of other applicants.



I know Sara, I am surprised too!

I have yet to receive the official email but the results have been announced (here) and I am not one of the chosen few. What truly bums me out is that I really loved the story I wrote and I am saddened I will not see it drawn. That’s my only regret. Once I am sure I can share it with you guys, I will post it here though. Of course I also wondered why they did not choose my story and I wish I could get some feedback. Why they did not choose my story, well, only they know why and it seems only fair they would tell me such. Unfortunately, with such a high volume of entries, there is no way they can provide individual feedback which truly sucks.

Thankfully, I can comfort myself in the fact that Nick and I’s first published story is about to see the light of day in 8th Wonder Press Mad Science Anthology!



So who’s the loser now, you Cow?


Into submission

As I mentioned last week, now that Nick and I are done with Loony the Moonian for 8th Wonder Press; I am keeping an eye opened for more submissions we can pitch to.

One way of doing that is a simple google search:



One of the result is a great resource called Cloudscape. They post all kind of submissions and stuff. You should really check them out. Thanks to that site, I found the next submission we are working on:




Blood Root is looking for supernatural inspired stories…and they pay money if they publish you!

So go ahead and submit! I know I will.




The missing post?

Sometimes in the  middle of last week, it occurred to me that I did not do my weekly post last sunday.


Usually I start thinking about the subject matter of the post days ahead as the weekend approaches, but no, not this time. Not a peep, not a worry.

Perhaps I was too preoccupied with our deadline for the 8th Wonder Press Anthology. But why would I be? Nick had all his artwork ready one week ahead of the March 31st deadline. This gave us the opportunity to get feedback from the editor and better a few things, including the title font.

Final title font thanks to Blambot (and Jesse at 8th Wonder Press)

So what happened? No clue. Life happened? Probably. It keeps happening all the time after all.

Now that we’re done, what’s next you may ask?

Nick and I met met for a celebratory dark, dark beer (or two) and discussed some stories he would like brought to life. He even said he would commissioned me to write scripts for him. Funny guy, since when would the artist pay the writer?

I am also keeping an eye out for more Anthology submissions since, you know, it worked out pretty well for us this time around.

And of course, there is still the Activist.

What do you think we should do next?


Finishing touches.

As Nick and I get closer to the deadline for our 12 pages story in 8th Wonder Press Anthology Science/ Mad science, it is now time to put on the finishing touches!

I am so glad to be involved in this! Otherwise, I would feel like I am truly doing nothing. I am actually putting the title AND the credits on page 1 and page 12 respectively. What a thrill!


I really cannot show you more than that.

Lettering is fun and challenging. I am glad that this specific story has no dialogue though. Originally, I thought of it much in the spirit of the old silent cartoons like Tom and Jerry where characters barely ever speak. I also believe that a completely silent piece will stand out among the many stories compiled within the Anthology.

I do worry though. Not everyone will be able to “read” it. It takes a certain mind-set to read sequencial art. Not everyone is used to look at a picture and get all the necessary information out of it before moving on to the next one. We are so used to just being “fed” information that we no longer look for them.

I am still incredibly proud of the story and of Nick’s artwork. I think it is a true milestone in our on-going collaboration and I cannot wait to see what we do next.

In the meantime, go check out Nick’s blog for an exclusive sneak peak.


The Quest!

I am so nervous!

Our deadline is approaching for our 12 pages story in the 2014 8th Wonder Press Anthology “Science/ mad science” and I am very anxious. I am done, you see. The story is written, now it’s all in Nick’s hands. It’s not that I don’t trust Nick. I do trust him. It’s more that when it comes to Comic Books, I am kind of a control freak. Which is why I am freaking out right now. I am NOT in control.

The best course of action is then to distract ourselves and what best way to do that than by playing VIDEO GAMES!

This is Marvel Puzzle Quest

I am not going to lie to you, Marvel Puzzle Quest is CRACK. And it’s free which makes it even more crack-ish.

It’s real simple. You match 3 gems of the same colors to “damage” the enemy team and after accumulating points you can even unleash super moves. All characters can also be leveled up as you collect Comic Book covers. It’s Crack.


Thor is gonna eat your face.          


 That’s only the first page of my roster.Go America! 

There you have it, my current addiction and distraction. It’s free so you should try it..unless you want to have a life.


Moonian Update.

Update on Loony the Moonian:

Alright folks, our deadline for the 12 pages comic Nick and I are putting together for 8th Wonder Press is approaching. On March 31st, we will be finished and by we, let’s be honest, I mean Nick. After all, that’s pretty much it for me already. I wrote the pitch, I turned in the script and now…well.. now I guess I just have to wait.

Thank God I work with Nick.

He actually called me the other day, just to check in. He told me where he was at and that when he is done we can meet up and look at the pages together. I mean how nice is that? Perhaps it is due to the fact that this project is our true first collaboration, that he helped me and watched me as I painfully birthed our pitch? Or maybe it is simply because we are getting printed in an Anthology and we both want to make sure we don’t fuck it up? Or maybe we just keep each other in check because we’re good like that. We can give each other notes directly without drama because we respect each other and that is a REAL boon.


Go check out Nick’s Blog!

Either way, I cannot wait to see the finished product. I am excited. I am impatient. I am nervous. What if we fuck it up? What if people don’t like the story? What if we miss the deadline and miss our chance at being published???

And then I take a deep breath…

We got this. That’s what I keep telling myself ever since we started this, a kind of arrogant confidence leading into self prophecy.

We got this and it’s gonna be awesome because we are awesome.