So hard to print!

This past week was an adventure into the world of printing and InDesign. What a load of shit. Fuck Kinkos.(and Documart as well). I found my savior at Minuteman this morning and they helped me print a real comic book looking Activist (in no time at all!). I have yet to truly understand why my Comic Book needs to “bleed” so much.

If you have not yet, go read it. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of Nick Nall holding it.

Next week, I ‘ll let you know how writing (or in this case, re-writing) the next issue is coming along (or not).

Thanks for your support and to those who helped me with the printing process.




As much as I like doing the Photoshop thing for the Activist and such, I have to face the fact that it will not help me get published. Most professionals I have talked to agree, it is NOT publishable.

The thing is I want to get published, and in order to do that I need a seriously talented artist with whom to collaborate. I need someone publishable.

Can you help me find the ONE? Are you IT?

If you are, we would do short- shorts ( 3 pagers), pitches, and submit our work to Dark Horse and especially Image. I also know a couple freelance editors we can talk to.

Though I am open to work with anyone, I would prefer someone Portland-based. Not just so that we can meet face to face, but because I would love to tell pdx-based stories.

Important fact: I can’t afford to pay you the hundred of $$$ you so rightfully deserve but I can buy you lunch and coffee. Plus you get my eternal gratitude which is priceless.

If interested, check out some of my work below. You can contact me by email:

The Activist



The Activist: Where’s my buddy?

The second self-made photoshop issue of the Activist. It is called:”Where’s my buddy?”. The Activist’s sidekick, Boogie, enlists the help of the coach in order to find his friend.

I really pushed for GIFs on this one and loved it. Perhaps, one day, I will produce the rest of the story. Right now, this not a priority.

The work of Comic Book Writer Nicolas Izambard

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