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Top Cow Talent Hunt 2016: “God of the Arena”

My 2016 Top Cow Talent Hunt entry

Hello Folks,

Gosh, it’s been a while. I’ve been keeping busy, working on a new exciting project with the talented DKaotic. You know, the artist on Arthur King, the eight pages story slated to appear in Alterna Comics “IF” Anthology later this year?

Yep, totally bragging.  Gotta focus on the positive.

As you may know, the winners of the 2016 Top Cow Talent Hunt have been announced and for the third year in a row, I did not win. Yeah!

You can find the list of winners here.

Congrats to all of them. I am excited to read their stories. There were some real great ones from last year’s winners, especially that one about The 13th Artifact.

On the plus side, I can now share with you my entry for this year: “God of the Arena” featuring Top Cow’s mighty Ares.






“I am the God of War”

-Kratos, in that game, you know.

I am not sure what attracted me to Ares. I always loved Greek Mythology but that’s besides the point. The fact that he is gay was somewhat original. I am ashamed to admit it but yes, I had the idea of having him fight his gay lover who betrayed him, really playing up the “gay angle” in hope if would make my story stand out. But it was very artificial.  Down the line, I realized that his sexuality did not define him.  Instead, he is referred to as the most cruel of the New Gods.  So what kind of a ruler is he? How did he become the most tyrannical of them all, up there with Hades? Did he have to prove himself to his people?

As a mighty God of War, I wanted to see him fight, so why not in an ancient Rome-style Arena? I re-watched Ridley Scott’s Gladiator and Spartacus on Netflix. Things got real gory and juicy, especially after I pit him against a powerful  Drake.  I had so much fun killing him over and over again to see if he could figure a way out of it, despite allegedly being the dumbest in the Pantheon.

I had fun writing this story and I am very thankful for the feedback provided by the Top Cow Talent Hunt Crew. It was VERY supportive and insightful.

I am somewhat saddened that the Top Cow Talent Hunt will no be returning this year. It had become a fun yearly habit and I KNOW I am a better writer because of it.



Top Cow Talent Hunt 2015: “Fearless”

“Fearless” was the first script I wrote for the 2015 Top Cow Talent Hunt.

It featured my now favorite character, the tortured and powerful Ji Xi.


Somebody buys him some new clothes already.

I asked myself, if I had to carry a very dangerous weapon such as the Thirteenth Artifact, where would I hide so that I don’t put people’s in harm’s way? Right away, I pictured the white Arctic desert and the story started.

We actually open with a nightmare scene. I thought it would be a cool way of showing Ji Xi’s fears about unintentionally harming people and explain why he stays so isolated until, well, he doesn’t.

Here is “Fearless”.


Top Cow Talent Hunt 2015: “Daddy’s Girl”

“Daddy’s Girl” is the third script I wrote for the Top Cow Talent Hunt. I was intrigued by Alina Emstrom, a ruthless mercenary who is part of a religious cult. In the story “Pandora’s Box”, there is a one page flashback showing her father working as an armed dealer and how Alina witnessed the death of her mother when she was just a child.

I figured that Alina, years later, would want to know who was responsible for her mother’s death and get revenge! How did she become a trained soldier? What was her relationship with her father like? What was she like in her youth? I wanted answers.

So I wrote that story: “Daddy’s Girl”

For more Top Cow Talent Hunt participants scripts and art, check out the CBR thread.


Top Cow Talent Hunt 2015: “Unburdened”

I submitted three scripts to the 2015 Top Cow Talent Hunt and I am going to share them with you in the coming weeks.

First up is “Unburdened”. I chose the bearer of the thirteenth Artifact, JI XI. The Asian monk burdened with carrying a deadly weapon, becoming the victim of its uncontrollable fury really struck a chord with me. I really wanted to explore him as a character.

And I did.


This script is actually the second script I wrote. It all started with him running away from some sort of militia who wanted to put their hands on the artifact and ended up being about trust, responsibility, and Kung Fu. Research for this script was a great excuse to watch Martial Arts films. I have to thank Bruce Lee for inspiring JI XI’s nemesis, the deadly and cunning Marcus.

It was a lot of fun and learning.

Here it is: “Unburdened”


My Top Cow Talent Hunt 2013 SCRIPT!

HI Guys

I am not a Top Cow Talent Hunt 2013 winner …bouhou…


The good news is that I can now share the script I wrote for the Hunt with you. YEAH!

Here were the rules:


And here is my script:


Thanks for reading!