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Daughters of Gaia

Daughters of Gaia is a 5 issues mini series I have been writing since last year. Earlier this year, I commissioned my trusted collaborator DKaotic to draw the first 10 pages and character designs for the story. I have since been pitching it around with no success (so far!).

I believe it’s about time I share it with you guys.

So what is Daughters of Gaia? If i were a Bro, I would pitch it like this:

“Dragon Ball Z… with chicks, man!”

and that would be partly true?

Yes, I love DBZ and over-the-top Street Fighter-esque action just as much as the next under-powered nerd. But Daughters of Gaia is not about the fighting even though there is a lot of it. It’s about the friction between doing what is right for your family and doing what is right for you. That is the heart of the story and the jest of what our main character, AKO, is going through. Though she should stay behind and help the people in her underground town, AKO ultimately chooses to enroll in the tournament because she believes she is the one  Daughter of Gaia destined to ascend and join their pantheon.  But what truly happens when a young girl ascend into the clouds towards infinite space?

If this book ever gets published, we’ll find out then.

In the meantime, enjoy the 10 pages that DK and I put together and some of the designs.


AKO, just showing off.

AKO’s best frenemy: RUBY.

The SISTERS OF GAIA organize the tournament and teaches the Prophecy of Gaia but they know more about what’s behind the ascension than they let out.


Karate Beetle and the Magic Rain Droplet.

Karate Beetle and the Magic Rain Droplet

Last year, Nick Nall and I accepted a challenge.

8th Wonder Press, the same wonderful people who published our story “Loony the Moonian Makes Friends” in their 2014 Anthology “Uncanny Adventures: Science vs Mad Science“, came up with a new concept for their follow-up  Anthology.

The 2015 Anthology “Uncanny Adventures: Duo” were to feature complete  stories told in ONLY 2 pages.

I asked Nick what he wanted to draw and he said that insects would be fun. I remember that I had just watched Bruce Lee’s “Way of the Dragon” the night before so everything got mashed up in my head and I thought: “Karate Beetle!”

We set out to tell a micro epic in two pages with an ironic twist. I think Nick came up with some of this most fun and energetic drawings to date. So to be fair, Nick’s work is always full of energy.

Fun fact is that the “Uncanny Adventures: Duo” Anthology #1 and #2 have been nominated for a DINKy award as an Outstanding Work from Colorado by the Denver Independent Comics and Art Expo.

So Congratulations to everyone at 8th Wonder Press and everyone whose work made up those amazing Anthologies, showing that a lot of creativity and story-telling  can be crammed in only 2 pages,

Since it has been a full year since the Duo Anthologies came out, we can proudly share our two-pages Epic with you.

Here is “Karate Beetle and the Magic Rain Droplet”:

Click on it!


Arthur King – PG Version!

Arthur King to be featured in Alterna’s upcoming “IF” Anthology.

I have been sending copies of DKaotic and I’s “Arthur King” 8 pages comic and pitch to every publisher that takes submission.

Alterna Comics responded positively and thought our 8 pages “Arthur King” story would be a good fit for their IF Anthology.

BUT first, it needed to be reworked so that it could be rated PG.

I reworked the dialogue and cut the swearing. It lead to Alterna giving me a few more notes about dialogue, and, with their precious help, I believe the new version is actually better. Arthur has very a colorful language now and I love it.

You can find a two pages preview below. You will find the entire story in Alterna Comics upcoming  IF Anthology later this year.


Bathory Comics

My ongoing fascination with the Countess of Bathory has no end in sight.

I have to say that her story (in truth, my version of her story) is my go-to project. In the past few months, I have been focusing on more pressing writing matters but Elizabeth Bathory is always in the back of my mind. From time to time, the muses grace me with ideas for her story. I quickly write them down before they take them away.

The Hungarian Countess, Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed (1560-1614) is, allegedly, the most proficient serial killer of all time. Legend has it, that with the help of her “torture crew”, she kidnapped, disemboweled, and very muck killed hundreds of young girls.  About six hundred or so. Rumors of Vampiritic thirst fuels her deadly legacy but she sets herself apart from her cousin Dracula in one interesting way. She did not drink blood. Instead, she bathed in the blood of virgins in order to regain and maintain her youth and beauty. And so the Blood Countess was born.

What exactly happened to the highly educated young woman who knew dozens of languages and provided medical care to the most unfortunate remains unclear. Whether she was framed by a King indebted to her family for large sums of money or vilified for her liberal sexual practices, no one knows for sure. In the end, she was condemned and imprisoned in her own chambers. Walled in. She died at age 54, alone, in the dark.

For me, it all started about 4 years ago and I have been writing and thinking about her ever since. It was 2011 when I convinced poor Gabriela Laszcz to draw a couple short stories I wrote based on Elizabeth Bathory. And Gabriela obliged me. And she did it for free which, in retrospect, really makes me look like a jackass. You MUST pay your artists. You just must. I was even less experienced as a writer and Comicbook “maker” than I am now and unreasonably demanding. I also shamelessly used that opportunity to do my first (and quite horrid) lettering job. And good Gabriela put up with my silliness and turned in some beautiful art.  She even did the lettering for the second Comic, “My Beautiful Mentor” and I am glad she did. No, really, I was a real jackass. I don’t think I even knew what the word “collaboration” actually meant back then. Oh well, you live, you learn, right? I just wish I could learn a lot faster.

My focus at that time was on Elizabeth’s childhood. There is  this story of her father allegedly forcing her to watch as he punished a Gypsy for stealing. He had him sewed inside a dying horse. That’s some messed up stuff. I was hooked. I had to write it. And four years later, I still am. I just cannot stop thinking about Elizabeth.

BATHORY: “A childhood Memory”.


BATHORY: “My Beautiful Tutor”.

Loony the Moonian makes friends.

Our first published work: Loony the Moonian.

Now that our second story has been published in this year’s 8th Wonder Press Anthology “Uncanny Adventures: Duo #1”, I can finally share with you last year’s story.

This is Nick Nall and I’s first published work. 8th Wonder Press was looking for short story pitches involving the use of science and/or MAD science. I knew I really wanted to use Nick’s mad cartooning skills to make an old fashioned cartoon in the style of the Looney Tunes AND I wanted it to be completely silent. NO dialogue.  We came up with the 12 pages story of how a poor lonely Moonian named Loony literally MAKES friends.

The story was originally published last year in 8th Wonder Press’s Anthology “Uncanny Adventures: Science vs MAD Science”.

I learned a lot from working on Loony. I learned about telling a story with images only. I learned how to better communicate with my collaborator and artists Nick (still working on that). I learned that I should not be so anal about it and let the artist do his job. I learned that sometimes, you should kill your “cool visual ideas” in order to put the story first. And I still learning.


Abort Me This!

I am SO excited to share this new issue of The ACTIVIST with you!

“Abort me this” is the second story Nick and I collaborated on together. I think it is my favorite story so far. Yes, it is a comic book about Abortion.

Comments and critiques welcome.




The Activist: “Oily Shit!”

The Activist is back in an issue where the old is new again thanks to Nick Nall.

We “re-did” Oily Shit. I really wanted Nick to draw the story so that it is not just my version.

There you go!

The Activist: Where’s my buddy?

The second self-made photoshop issue of the Activist. It is called:”Where’s my buddy?”. The Activist’s sidekick, Boogie, enlists the help of the coach in order to find his friend.

I really pushed for GIFs on this one and loved it. Perhaps, one day, I will produce the rest of the story. Right now, this not a priority.

Alistair, A Graphic Novel by Nico Izambard.

ALISTAIR is the Graphic novel I wrote and produced for the Graphic Novel writing class I took with Brian Michael Bendis at Portland State University. Our final assignment was to make a 22 pages comic. Like most of the students in the class, I do not draw so I used Photoshop.

I got a B+. Brian told me that the script was good enough, I did not need to go overboard with the lettering and design.

My beloved wife, Skye Champagne,  is not only featured in it (as the Lady) but she also took numerous pictures of me.

I hope you enjoy it.