Getting British Stamps: All hail the Queen!

How to solve the 2000 AD submission stamped self addressed envelope conundrum.

As you may already know, I really want to submit Future Shocks stories to 2000 AD. They have open submissions right now. The thing is they only take submissions by mail and they are located in Oxford, UK. That’s not the issue though, it’s easy enough to print your script and synopsis, put it in an envelope, and send it to the UK. The tricky part is that in order to get an answer from them, you need to include a stamped, self addressed envelope so that they can just type a short rejection letter (haha), put it in the envelope that you included, and drop in the mail box which, hopefully, does not have a Mr Bean in it.

I did not struggle that much but still, close enough.

Now, here’s the rub. Since the self-addressed envelope will be sent FROM the UK to the US, it needs to have British postage on it. You really want to make it as easy as possible for submission editors so no, you can’t send them Paypal money so that they buy their own stamps or something like that.

My precious ones, come to daddy.

I asked the US post office if they had some kind of International postage I could use or even if they had something, ANYTHING that could serve my purpose  but nope, big fat nope. I then went to the Royal Mail website and started ordering a sheet of  international stamps. They even let me enter my shipping address and my billing info before telling me they don’t ship outside of the UK.

Royal Pain.

So here is the unfortunate solution to this problem. If you want to submit to 2000 AD, you need a friend in the UK whom you trust and who can help you out. Lucky for me, Gabriela Houston, the artist I worked with on the short Bathory stories lives in London and she totally helped me out. I sent her money via Paypal and Gabriela purchased a sheet of stamps for me (the 1.52 pounds kind just to be safe) and voila. The UK stamps are on their way and soon, I can start being rejected by 2000 AD. Yeah!


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