Comic Book Sketch

It’s been a sketchy week (‘haha’).

Earlier this week, I received the commission I purchased from Artist Randy Emberlin at the Rose City Comic Con. Artists charge per character so if you want her or him to draw  more than one person, you have to pay more. I was on a budget (aren’t we all?) so I asked him for something special and a bit tricky: Mystique in the process of transforming (morphing) into Wolverine. Here is the terrific final product!

I especially enjoy the contrast between her/his ample chest and the super hairy arm.


On Wednesday, I went to a couple signings.

Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick had  a signing at Floating World Comics to celebrate the release of the Bitch Planet Trade Paperback. Per usual, Kelly Sue was funny and brilliant. She signed my copy of Bitch Planet #1 and gave me a mission.


Like several others at the signing, I was on my way to Things From Another World for another signing. Artist David Marquez (Ultimate Spiderman) was there to celebrate the release of his new Marvel title Invincible Iron Man #1 written by Brian Michael Bendis. Kelly Sue wrote a special congratulatory message on the back of a Bitch Planet poster, tore it to pieces, and gave the “bitch chunks” to us so that we could give it to David. I became one of her trusted messenger, bringing a piece of that bitchy puzzle with me.

David Marquez was taking the time to sketch variant covers and, after I delivered my piece of the puzzle, I asked him to do a version of the Invincible Iron Man #1 cover with Brian Michael Bendis as Iron Man:

Iron Bendis!

Wednesday truly is the best day of the week.


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