Rose City Comics Con 2015 Antman

Five Highlights from Rose City Comic Con 2015.

This week end, I went to the Rose City Comic Con 2015 in Weirdtown, Oregon; and it was fun, and I saw stuff, and I have blurry pictures to prove it.

First off, there were so many good panels that I could have spend the entire week end sitting in a room, listening to comic book professionals schooling me on Writing, Art, and Life. I did manage to extirpate myself out of the panel rooms and explored the crowded show room floor, talk to friends, and buy some cool (and cheap) stuff.

Five things stood out most.

These are my five highlights from Rose City Comic Con 2015:

  1. Kelly Sue DeConnick. (Bitch Planet, Captain marvel, Pretty Deadly)

Kelly Sue hands me a delicious cookie and blesses me.  She murmurs: “May the Bitch be with you”.

This is how the super-packed Bitch Planet panel started. Its red-headed priestess of Feminism in Comics welcomed us for a pagan celebration of hope, challenging your own programming, and defying expectations.  My favorite quote of hers on that day was: “It’s okay, you can cry and kick ass at the same time.”

Kelly Sue DeConnick Rose City Comic Con 2015
I am duck-face challenged.


2. The “Comics and Twitter: How to hang out without being a jerk” panel with Phil Hester (Green Arrow, Ant-Man), Erica Henderson (Squirrel Girl, Jughead), Christopher Sebela (High Crimes, We(l)come Back), Daniel Warren Johnson (Ghost Fleet, Space-Mullet, Green Leader) and moderated by Donny Cates (Buzzkill, Ghost Fleet, The Paybacks).

Kuddos to Donny Cates for putting this panel together.

I never liked Twitter but it is a necessary tool (evil?) in the comic book creator’s box of social media stuff. From promoting your own work (and others) to simply hanging out and having a conversation like a human, I learned how to no longer be a dickhole on the internet. Yeah.

3. Listening to Larry Hama.

Best known for his work on G.I. Joe: A real American Hero, I had the pleasure of listening to this master of the craft over the weekend. To learn that he was treated as a pariah for writing “toy” comics was both surprising and enlightening. What really struck me was how humble this industry veteran was. He shared his thoughts on creating compelling character-driven stories, base characters on people you know in real life, and being fulfilled with the work that you do.

4. Chatting with Randy Emberlin.

I already own a few awesome sketches from Randy, including this badass one of the Hulk.

Legendary Comic Book inker and local teacher Randy Emberlin was busy-busy this week end, chatting up attendees and knocking down commissions like a superhero-drawing machine. I had to get on the bandwagon and asked him for something special. Since he charges per characters for sketches, I asked him to draw Mystique transforming into Wolverine because I have yet to learn how to not be a dickhole in real life. The sketch should be in the mail soon and I’ll share when it gets here. Seriously though, Randy is a great guy and his wife is charming.

5. Emi Lenox

… is a talented and hilarious human being. I had to ask her to draw something too. She does not like Spiderman (neither do I. I just want someone to draw Ganke making out with SpiderGwen) or drawing dudes in general so I suggested Silver Age Storm which costume is amazing. I cannot wait to see her take on it. This should come in soon too and I’ll share when it does.

That’s it. Those were my five highlights from Rose City Comic Con 2015.  Of course, I also approached editors and did the “networking” thing which I despise.  Now it’s time to get pitching. Here comes the King!

See ya suckers,






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