Liefeld at Goodwill.

When I go to Goodwill, I often look around for Comic Books. I am no collector but sometimes you can find some real weird stuff, especially stuff I have never heard of. Such is the case with Vogue.


From her ComicVine page:

Nikola Voganova was forced to leave a pampered life in Russia at the age of 13 when she witnessed her father being killed by Alexander Stroika of the KGB. She was already at that time a world-class gymnast. At age 18 she was accepted into the Bloodpool program and shortly before her twentieth birthday she became a member of Youngblood.

Some time after having established herself in Youngblood, Vogue started an international cosmetics corporation, Vogue Cosmetics, using her fame to spearhead the launch.

Vogue eventually returned to Russia where she met her mother and brother, who had become a part of the Redblood program, and got her revenge on Alexander Stroika.

After the death of Riptide and the discontinuation of Youngblood, Vogue returned home to Russia

Vogue Cosmetics? Sure, I’d buy that. Oh, and she’s also a famous supermodel.

But truly, she had me at the cover baring the name “Rob Liefeld”. Though the famed artist and co-founder of image gets a lot of criticism for his unrealistic and over-the-top-kind-of deformed artwork, I am still fond of him. I grew up in the nineties and his work on Marvel’s X-Force, and later Youngblood, is part of my tweenage years. So, of course, I had to pick it up. Too bad the inside is a different artist. it is still very Liefeld-ish though and the dialogue is also very much on the nose. It’s kinda funny.

So yeah, there, I said it. I DO enjoy Rob Liefeld’s artwork and if I see more of his books in a bargain bin, I might, just MIGHT buy them, for cheap, at Goodwill… maybe.

Here are a couple pics for you to enjoy,




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