When is it finished?

As I keep writing and working towards my Top Cow Talent Hunt submission, I also go back and tweak the first script I wrote. I change a line here, remove a panel there, etc….
The thing is that I feel I could keep on tweaking (and maybe twerking) forever. I won’t though, simply because the deadline will stop me. It makes me wonder… when is a script truly finished?

When do you stop typing, stop thinking about it, and are like “Alright, this is finished! This is how the story is supposed to be. It’s PERFECT that way.”

Do you ever? Or is the deadline the only thing that will ever stop you from tweaking (and perhaps twerking)? There has to be a stopping point otherwise I feel that, after a while, I am just damaging my script by being, perhaps, too tweaky about it.




This has to stop at some point.

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