Iron Circus Pitch: “The Popogees”

This week, I am sharing with you the third and last of the pitches I submitted to Iron Circus for their New World Anthology. I can honestly say that this is the best of the three pitches I wrote. It also was Nick’s favorite. It is very kid friendly.  For some reason, I kept thinking of Disney’s “The Lion King” when working on it.

Anyway, here it is:

The inhabitants of planet NATURA live in harmony with nature. They are called the POPOGEES and they look like humanoid giraffes. Today is a special day for the POPOGEES because a female POPOGEE is about to give birth. It is important to note that POPOGEES can only get pregnant once every millennium. This is a big deal. Did I mention the POPOGEES live for a very long time? The POPOGEES live for a very, VERY long time.The village elder watches as the strongest men of the village are pulling on the baby’s legs to get him out of there. (PAGE 1)

To their horror, the young POPOGEE is born with a big shiny horn on his head. According to the POPOGEES’ sacred tablets, such a freak of nature will only bring destruction to their village so they have to get rid of him. His mother kicks him into the nearby ocean, soccer-style, while the whole village cheers. The small POPOGEE, who is called PAPOGO, is soaring through the air. (PAGES 2 and 3).

Lucky for PAPOGO, BIZIRD is flying by (he is a mix between a bird and a lizard) and totally catches him. He decides to raise the young POPOGEE as his own and brings him to his nest to feed him gross worms. As PAPOGO grows up, they try to figure out what that horn on his head is all about. They eventually decide go see the Elder of the Forest because he knows about weird stuff like that. (PAGES 4 and 5).

The Elder of the Forest wears a hood which hides his face. He is kind of creepy. He inspects the horn on PAPOGO and asks him to concentrate on a tree. PAPOGO concentrates very hard, his horn starts to glow, and a small rainy cloud forms above the tree, creating a light drizzle. The Elder of the Forest laughs. He looks right at the tree and the tree is split in half by lightning. That’s when he takes his hood off. (PAGES 6 and 7).

The Elder of the Forest is a POPOGEE, and not simply a POPOGEE, he is a POPOGEE with a horn much like PAPOGO. His name is PAPAGA. He explains that he too was rejected from the village but his mom did not kick him in the ocean, instead she hid him in the forest along with one of the POPOGEES’ sacred tablet. The elder of the village punished his mom by kicking her in the ocean. The tablet describes how another POPOGEE with a horn would one day stop him from getting his revenge. That’s why he has been waiting patiently in the forest for all these millenniums. But clearly, it’s not PAGOGO with his puny little rainy cloud who is going to stop him. It is time for his revenge! PAPAGA put both PAPOGO and BIZIRD in a wood cage and makes his way to the village. BIZIRD starts singing, calling all his bird friends for help. Each gifted in their own ways, they work together and break down the cage. (PAGES 8 and 9).

The village is under attack. PAPAGA is burning the small huts with his lightning bolts. He is about to strike the elder of the village when PAPOGO and BIZIRD appear. PAPOGO concentrates hard and several small rainy clouds appear above PAPAGA’s head. It is raining profusely. PAPAGA cannot help but laugh at how pathetic PAPOGO is to think this could stop him. Then, a very large shadow appears on PAPAGA. He is flabbergasted as he realizes that PAPOGO is the one destined to stop him. (PAGES 10 and 11).

PAPOGO has produced a giant tidal wave that washes PAPAGA away into the ocean. PAPOGO breaks the sacred tablets as the village rallies behind their savior. BIZIRD sings a song. (PAGE 12).


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