Iron Circus Pitch: “Collide” and in other news

Everything is well this week and I am still hard at work on two submissions.

8th wonder press is taking submissions for their next anthology. Nick and I met up and have a pretty excited pitch we are working on. Of course, I cannot talk about it. You know, because we could actually get published for the second time….yyyyyyyyyYYYYYAAAYYYYY!


Then there is the 2015 Top Cow Talent Hunt. I have been working on this since,well, Octoberish? I think. I shared one of my scripts with friends and useful and clever feedback is coming in.

That’s it for the news on that side of Active Comics. We are working, writing, every day. We’re active haha.

I figured that this week I would share one of my failures… I mean, one of the pitches I sent to Iron Circus for their New World Anthology. Hint, hint… It was not selected.

Get your mind blown by craziness and, like my favorite Comic Book of the day would say,


Two planets, OTETH and DRILL, orbit a small sun. OTETH is populated with a race of Renaissance Actors who worship Shakespeare like a God. DRILL is populated by Firefighters who are constantly putting out their small volcanic planet multiple fires. The planets rotate on the same orbit but in opposite directions, until one day, they eventually collide. (PAGE 1).

Not knowing what to do, each nation sends a delegate to the other nation’s leader. They are each carrying a gift as a sign of good will. OTETH offers a skull, one of their precious relics, to the leader of the Firefighters who is called the CAPTAIN. In turn, DRILL offers a big red fire hydrant to the Actors leader, King JULIUS LEAR the THIRD. (PAGES 2 and 3).

The CAPTAIN thinks the skull is a threat and rallies his people in retaliation. King JULIUS LEAR the THIRD inspects the fire hydrant and, upon turning it on, gets completely drenched in water. Clearly, this is a prank from the Firefighter nation and he will not stand for it. Each nation then works at separating their home planet from the other. The Actors perform monologues with such pulmonary force that it pushes their planet away from DRILL while the firefighters push OTETH away using their fire hoses. Finally, the planets are drifting away from each other. (PAGES 4 and 5).

But the planets are still on the same orbit. Upon going around the sun once more, they meet again and collide with even greater force. Such force, in fact, that inhabitants from both planets are being ejected and thrown all over both lands. Actors are stuck in the middle of fires on DRILL and Firefighters are stuck on stage on OTETH, facing a senior citizen matinee audience. Thankfully, the actors start blasting monologues, extinguishing fires with their breath while firefighters hose them down. On OTETH, firefighters are being given lines and put on quite a show using their fire hoses and funny hats. Even the CAPTAIN and King JULIUS LEAR the THIRD are having a good time, driving a fire truck while acting some epic scene, putting out fires and stunning audiences. (PAGE 6 and 7).

Once the chaos is over, the two nations fill the dividing reef with water so that they can all swim and relax. Going forward, they have plenty of pool parties where they learn about each other cultures, discovering the true meaning of skulls and fire hydrants. (PAGE 8).

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