About feedback.

I am at this stage in one of my projects where I have to open the door and ask other people what they think.

Today, I compiled one of the scripts I have been working on in Scrivener and asked a few friends if they would be willing to read it and tell me what they think. I was gladly surprised to see that most people said yes, which is already quite a win in my book. Reading somebody else’s work and providing helpful notes is no easy task and takes time.

So now I wait and of course, it is slightly nerve-wrecking because of…

… Things I hate about people giving me feedback:

-They are being too nice and  are afraid of hurting my feelings so they say it’s good when it is NOT.

-They don’t really read with a critical eye and point out technical mistakes only (like spelling mistakes) and nothing else.

-They say they will read it and then they don’t and make up some lame excuse that I don’t buy.

-They only highlight negatives and no positives.

-They only highlight positives and no negatives.

-They’re telling you the story they would have written instead of truly reading your work.

And so on, I’m sure you have some examples of your own so feel free to share your feedback experiences below.


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