Draft after Draft and Fun.

So I have been writing this kinda long story. I do have specific scenes and moments and beats I know I want to hit but I am not writing it long hand. Instead, I am writing it directly in Comic Book format. Yeah, I know, there are no OFFICIAL comicbook format so what the heck am I talking about? Well, I am writing the story directly as a Comic Book Script with panels description and such. I am not worried about space though because I am writing scenes that I put in my SCENES folder in scrivener (so coool). Later, I can organize those scenes in whatever order I chose if I then decide to break the story down into several issues.

Anyway, I am having a blast doing that. I think of it as Comic Book Free Flowing. ¬†It’s like super low pressure so it is a lot of fun. And, as with any kind of writing ( I presume), it leads to mind boggling discoveries. I love it.



I stole that pic from Patrick Rothfuss’ blog. Go check it out!

I had to stop working on that story for a bit though because I had to focus on putting stories together for submissions. Though the New World submission only required pitches (and by “only”, I am underselling the process of writing a good pitch which is, like, so freakin’ hard), the Top Cow project requires me to put together a 22 pages script. I wrote the first draft breathingly so, based on a long-hand outline ( yes, I did one that time). I am now on draft 2.

I was so scared. I thought, Oh, the first draft is so much fun, now comes the hard part, now comes the many rewrites and technicalities and unfunness.

To my delight, I actually had fun. I did not expect that. I did not expect to still make discoveries on draft 2, and by cutting some of the fat, I now have more room for the fun stuff. That’s the thing with 22 pagers, there is never enough room (especially since I have a bad tendency to wrap things up quickly on the last page because of a too longish build-up). I hear that’s true for every comic book writer out there though, there is NEVER enough room. At least, there is room for fun in writing it. I am sick of ¬†thinking of it as a chore. I want writing to be something more than that thing I have to do today. It has to be soul-filling EVERY time so I get in my pajamas, put some “Dead Can Dance” on and do that thing!

And then I love having written and can move on unhindered.


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