You Creep!

NO…not you. I would never say that to you. You, you’re awesome.

I recently had first hand experience with the creep. See, I already was familiar with the bleed, not that I like her or want to spend time with her, but I know her.

When you want your comic book pages to print passed the edge of the page, it needs to bleed off the page so your documents for print need to have a 1/4 inch bleed (generally). For example, the invitation I made in Photoshop for my in law’s wedding has a bleed. Here, I will share with you the finished product, with added glitter from my dear wifey.


So I printed a “The Activist Collection” recently. It includes all 3 stories Nick and I did. As I prepared the files in Indesign I made sure I had the bleed and not to have anything important outside the safe area.


That’s when the creep came in. The fatter your book, the most likely the creep will creep in (haha, I am so damn funny). The more pages you print of a saddle stitched booklet, the more likely the inner pages will creep out and stick out because of the folding. To make up for it, they get trimmed as well, or at least, that’s what my printer did. This resulted in more than the 1/4 inch bleed being cut off on some of the inside pages. Meaning that it might cut some of your text and whatnot.



Depending on the batch, the trim can creep in even more.


Now it’s not all that bad, considering the nightmare that was the whole printing process. See, my first batch, instead of looking like the proof they showed me, was way, WAY darker. So they ended up printing everything in color (even though most of it is B&W) and they gave me extra copies. All in all, not too bad.

So warning to you wanna be printers, beware the creep!

Stay in the safe area y’ all!



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