Stalking at R.C.C.C.

I just came back from the ROSE CITY COMIC CON. It was awesome.



That’s how many people were there BEFORE it started.

Sunday was very much a relaxed kind of day, my wife and I walking around the floor, shopping and getting Comics signed.

Saturday, on the other hand, was a very busy and businessy kind of day. I went from panel to panel, listening mostly to professional writers and artists talk about collaboration and their respective craft as they share pearls of wisdom. I attended a panel about breaking into comics as well. The real work and main reason I went to some of the panels though was to meet Editors.

In advance of the Con, I had listed the editors that were going to be there and prepared myself. I had my business cards, my mini comics and a full fledged Activist Compilations. I had something for everyone. I was ready.

The last thing was to appear confident despite the nervosity. Have you ever approached a perfect stranger and asked them if they would like to look at your work? It’s nerve-wrecking.

It’s also a lot like stalking. You know in which room they’re going to be, you wait for them at the exit. I kinda liked it. Then I smiled and tried to be charming without being pushy or too eager and without seeming nervous or psychotic. It worked better with some editors than others and it was nice for the ones I met before to actually remember me and my work. All in all, it was a victory.

I am actually very proud of myself for doing it. In the past, I had not been that good: giving up easily on approaching someone because it is hell of awkward. But now, I am a hammer. I am going to keep on hammering at the comic industry until I break in. Onto the next thing.


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