Finish It!

Ta-ta-ta-ta tatata-ta-ta-ta  tatata-ta-ta-ta  tatata-ta-ta-ta  tatata-ta-ta-ta MOWTALKOMBA!

That’s right. I just hummed the Mortal Kombat Movie music to you. Classic. No, I did not misspell Mortal Kombat. That dude just sounds like he has a hot potato in his mouth: MOWTALKOMBA!

So, FINISH IT, right? Excellent.

I am currently working on a couple different stories for a potential new artist. I want to blind him with my fat awesomeness. I have a tendency to start a story, do an outline and/or a rough script and sometimes move on to another story. I feel legit doing that because I remember Writer extraordinaire Gail Simone mentioning at a panel that she prefers doing 2 projects simultaneously so that when she gets bored or stuck with one, she can still work on the other.

Thing is, I am not Gail Simone. And to indulge in this behavior is risky since I can start a lot of things and not finish one of them. That’s why today I say FINISH IT!

Stay on board with your current project and see it to the end. Not only will you have achieved something, but you will also feel great about it, filled with a deserved sense of pride and that is so worth it. Flawless Victory.


An image pulled from AC#1, go check it out!


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