Comicbook Podcast.

No no, I am not doing a podcast.

I actually just started listening to podcasts.

We finally got free wifi at work so I figured I’d find something cool to listen to. I have the ComicVine app on my phone and I listened to a few of their weekly podcasts. They are pretty good. They cover a good amount of news and review new comics. They also do another weekly podcast with guests. Their latest one about the X-men is pretty great.

Then, wanting more, I simply googled: “Best Comicbook podcast” and I found what is no doubt my favorite so far, House To Astonish. It’s a British podcast where Paul O’Brien and Ted Kennedy discuss Comicbook-related news and reviews. I highly recommend it. Their discussions are very well informed, funny and clever. I think the British accent might have something to do with it but still, it is a million years better than the usual “yeah, that was great” type of analysis.



Nightwing #30 sounds sooo bad, I wanna buy it!

Though their latest LIVE podcast is hilarious (they do a couple dramatic readings of the ignoble Nightwing #30, priceless!), I recommend you start with one of their “normal” in-studio recording.

So stop reading and go check them out.


PS: Do you have any podcast you love? Please share!

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