Write every day!

When Greg Rucka told me to write every day, it was kind of a bummer. I don’t remember how many lines or how much to write everyday he recommended (that’s how great I am at listening to professional writers) but it still was kind of a bummer. It was my fault after all, I am the one who approached him at Stumptown Comic Fest and asked him for his advice.

Writing everyday sounds a bit like a chore.

Until you actually try it.

I decided that you can write anything you like. Whether it is an outline, your own diary or even taking notes from research, who cares? You’re writing! That’s all that matters.


Personally, I did not do that until recently. For example today, I am writing my blog (hihi) but no, seriously, I have been writing and scripting and researching everyday. I especially enjoy coming up with shitty first draft of comic book script. I have fun with that. It does not matter whether they ever get published or not, I am still writing and the more you write…well… the more you write, which is good! For you and your soul! See, at first you have to push yourself a little until eventually you get in the zone and you start having, dare I say it? FUN!

Once you’re done, you will feel a lot better, like you actually achieved something because you did! You created something and that, in itself, is your reward.


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