The missing post?

Sometimes in the  middle of last week, it occurred to me that I did not do my weekly post last sunday.


Usually I start thinking about the subject matter of the post days ahead as the weekend approaches, but no, not this time. Not a peep, not a worry.

Perhaps I was too preoccupied with our deadline for the 8th Wonder Press Anthology. But why would I be? Nick had all his artwork ready one week ahead of the March 31st deadline. This gave us the opportunity to get feedback from the editor and better a few things, including the title font.

Final title font thanks to Blambot (and Jesse at 8th Wonder Press)

So what happened? No clue. Life happened? Probably. It keeps happening all the time after all.

Now that we’re done, what’s next you may ask?

Nick and I met met for a celebratory dark, dark beer (or two) and discussed some stories he would like brought to life. He even said he would commissioned me to write scripts for him. Funny guy, since when would the artist pay the writer?

I am also keeping an eye out for more Anthology submissions since, you know, it worked out pretty well for us this time around.

And of course, there is still the Activist.

What do you think we should do next?


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