Finishing touches.

As Nick and I get closer to the deadline for our 12 pages story in 8th Wonder Press Anthology Science/ Mad science, it is now time to put on the finishing touches!

I am so glad to be involved in this! Otherwise, I would feel like I am truly doing nothing. I am actually putting the title AND the credits on page 1 and page 12 respectively. What a thrill!


I really cannot show you more than that.

Lettering is fun and challenging. I am glad that this specific story has no dialogue though. Originally, I thought of it much in the spirit of the old silent cartoons like Tom and Jerry where characters barely ever speak. I also believe that a completely silent piece will stand out among the many stories compiled within the Anthology.

I do worry though. Not everyone will be able to “read” it. It takes a certain mind-set to read sequencial art. Not everyone is used to look at a picture and get all the necessary information out of it before moving on to the next one. We are so used to just being “fed” information that we no longer look for them.

I am still incredibly proud of the story and of Nick’s artwork. I think it is a true milestone in our on-going collaboration and I cannot wait to see what we do next.

In the meantime, go check out Nick’s blog for an exclusive sneak peak.


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