Ever since House of Cards season 2 came out on Netflix last week, I see several articles popping on the internet about binge-watching. The articles argue that binge watching a TV show such as House of Cards or Breaking Bad is a disservice to the show and diminishes its dramatic impact. Wanting to reach the conclusion of the series, the binge watcher speedily digests the episodes in one fell swoop withouth having time to appreciate the artfulness, impact and artistry of each sequence and each individual episode.

I am actually done watching House of Cards season 2 and loved it. I did however consciously take my time and savour each episode on its own term. I was not rushing to the conclusion. I used to follow Breaking Bad on regular TV so I know the difference between binging and regular TV watching.

That whole binging business made me think of comic books. Could there be such a thing as Comic Book binging?

I believe so.


Binge on that! Thanks Multnomah Library.

I recently read The Punisher Volume 1 by Greg Rucka. It contains The Punisher 1-5. I read it in one seating. Though I do remember the fight with the new vulture as a definite highlight, the whole experience was disappointing. It’s not that it’s bad or anything, not at all, but binge-reading all five issues consecutively ruined the experience. Comic books are created one issue at a time, just like a TV episode. Thought every series is put in trades eventually, it’s not really how they are meant to be read. When put in trades, it’s like comic books are put on Netflix as an entire season.

Comparatively, I am currently reading Greg Rucka’s Lazarus. Not as a trade but as regular comics, one issue at a time. I truly appreciate each issue and I read it like I drink a good glass of wine. Every page becomes special, every moment indelible.


One of those is enough.

Though I will be the first one to say that Trade paperbacks are a convenient way of collecting stories, they are also diminishing the impact of each single issue by putting them all together and next to each other when, in fact, they should be read separately and digested individually. So next time, do yourself a favor and pace yourself.

It’s like my mom used to say, everything is good but in moderation.


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