Library Giraffe.

I love the public library.

The dejected librarians, the smell of hobos, the $150 fee I had to pay that one time because I forgot and no one told me; I love it all.

Seriously though, I believe the library is the one and only thing taxes are worth paying for. That and the art. Not the weird statues they put downtown though. And maybe education….and roads… we need roads…until we have flying cars.

Recently, I checked out a bunch of Comics from Top Cow for research. As you might already know, I am currently writing a 22 pager for their Talent Hunt so I had to read a bunch of their stuff.


The giraffe is only here as reference.

Isn’t that neat? I mean look at that “The Darkness Compendium”, I mean BOOM!

Of course, I usually use the library for fun reads. Since it is on the back burner at the moment, I keep renewing books until one is due and I cannot renew it any longer because somebody else has a “hold” on it. Then I have to read it real, real quick. It’s all about the incentive of avoiding late fees.

Here is my current back log:


Looks like I’m in a Grant Morrison phase

I started some of them but I had to put the Top Cow stuff first with the deadline coming up.

One of my favorite is definitely Morrison’s “Doom Patrol”. I’ll leave you on that until next time.


Morrison’s hilarious parody of The Punisher in Doom Patrol.

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