Comic Book Anthology Submission

Ok guys, our submission is in. Fingers crossed.

As we were putting the finishing touches on our proposal to 8th Wonder Press, I was reminded of a piece of advice from a published comic writer. She told me that I first should try to get a short story published in an anthology. At the time, I was like: “What are you talking about? This does not sound glamorous. I want a publishing deal! This whole short story/ anthology thingy you’re talking about does not sound like being a Rock Star at all ?!?”.

How naive I was. Of course, she was right.

So the other day, I googled:” Anthology Submission Comic” and boom, oh surprise, oh delight, they are out there. Lots of people are putting Comic Book Anthologies together and they are looking for unpublished creators. Cloudscape is actually keeping a list of ongoing submissions.

Of note, the Top Cow Talent hunt is going on and you really should check it out, whether you’re a Writer or Artist. I know it is the next thing on my list after I study some “Artifacts”.

Hopefully, next time I talk to you guys, I’ll have some good news. You know, like getting published for the first time.




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