The Pitch.

Alright people, Nick and I are pitching to 8th Wonder Press for their Science/ Mad Science Anthology. I figured I would share the pitch here so you can tell us what you think. One thing to keep in mind is that we are writing for all ages here.The final Artwork from Nick is not included but it will be in the final pitch. Regardless, this is about the story. Here it goes:

Dear Submission Editor,

My name is Nicolas Izambard and I am writer. Together with artist Nick Nall, we wish to propose to you a story for your upcoming anthology. The story is titled: “Loony the Moonian Makes Friends”. Our story is one of Mad Science. It is 12 pages long and has no dialogue.

On the moon, Loony the Moonian is enjoying eating moon rocks, his favorite meal. He just wishes he had a friend to share it with. So he hops into his flying saucer and goes to earth. Using his technologically advanced tablet, he captures animals in the most fantastic ways. Projecting a gazelle hologram to catch a lion and using a decoy lake to trap a giraffe, Loony manages to catch dozens of animals from Africa. [Pages 1 to 3]

As he flies back to the moon with the flying saucer full of animals, we see why Loony kidnapped them all in the first place. He has a plan. He wants to build the perfect friend. From the courage of a lion to the sense of humor of a Hyena, he is going to put it all together.  Back inside his lab on the moon, he uses special lasers to divide each animal into cubes (just like a sliding tile puzzle!).He then uses all the different cubes to build the most fantastically backwards looking animals. Unfortunately, no matter how many times he tries, he cannot put the perfect friend together. Disappointed in his failed experiments, Loony is about to discard a big pile of cubes when, suddenly, he trips and falls. All the cubes he was carrying fall to the ground and merge together to form a big, scary-looking creature. [Pages 4 to 7]

The poor thing is made of all the wrong parts in all the wrong places! It has a giraffe’s neck for a tail, an elephant’s trunk for an arm and it is now chasing Loony through the lab so that it can get a big hug. The creature simply wants some love. Unfortunately, our friend the Moonian does not see it this way and has never been so scared in his entire life. So when the creature manages to catch him, he reaches for his tablet to release the many failed experiments he created. [Pages 8 and 9]

Scared of all the failed experiments Loony unleashed, the creature runs away from the lab. Using the distraction to his advantage, Loony hops into his flying saucer and escapes but the creature spots him in the distance and runs after the saucer. When it finally catches up, it jumps onto the saucer and causes Loony to crash onto the moon’s surface. [Pages 10 and 11]

Later, Loony wakes up in his lab with bandages on his head. He is surrounded by all his failed experiment and the creature is dangerously approaching him! The creature offers him a plate of Moon rocks, his favorite, and they all share a meal together. Loony has not only made a friend in the creature, he did in fact make friends, not matter how imperfect they are. [page12]

The End.

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  1. Good question! For the sake of specificity and space. We have two pages for this section right now and though we did think about having him hop from one country to another, collecting animals from all over the world, we need space to show the elaborate and somewhat absurd traps he is using. Africa provides tons of different animals in one setting that is easy to “show” to the reader in one establishing shot. Also we really want a giraffe.

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