Stay out of our way!

As you might know from last week’s post, I have been working on a story idea Nick had (Nick is my artist). Things were getting a lot creepy in my research stage, like THAT CREEPY:



Al Basti and Popobawa. That’s what you find when you dig into the world of succubi.

I enjoy collecting images as part of my research so that I can share them with Nick later if necessary AND/OR start barfing and laughing simultaneously.

Then all of sudden, Nick sent me an email that his roommate sent him about a great opportunity. Now, we are working on a brand new 8 pages comic for the 8th Wonder Press Anthology – Science! / Mad Science! and so should you! No, really, check it out.

In the next weeks, we are focusing solely on this project as the deadline for the proposal nears. Please, wish us good luck, pray for us to your gods, your demons and your mutant children! Send us good vibes and lots of positive energy and as Stewie Griffin so perfectly put it:  “Dear God…STAY OUT OF OUR WAY!!!!”


Nick pretty much forced me to post his picture here because he is (self-admittedly) a narcissist.

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