Layouts: Frank Miller’s Daredevil.

I love Comic Books Layouts.

A well realized comic book page is a Piece of Art in and of itself.

Layouts convey poetic meaning that can inform the story and the characters in ways the panels, by themselves, can not.

Let’s see what the man had to say:


From an interview of Frank Miller and Klaus Janson conducted in 1981. You can find it in Daredevil by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson, Vol 2 TPB.

I highly recommend Miller’s Daredevil whether you are a fan of Daredevil or not. I am not. I discovered Miller with The Dark Knight Returns. The artistry on display is astonishing. Every page is special. There is no wasted paper.

Here are a few favorites:


That foot is surreal.


The way she clenches her dress is very Miller-esque, ain’t it?


That’s tight.


Look at the size of that bottle!

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