Captain France, anyone?

As I randomly leaf through the Official Marvel Universe Handbook during poopoo time only, I sometimes find wonderful finds. This week, I found out about the only French Marvel Superhero I know of (correct me if I’m wrong, please!) and no, his name is NOT Captain France,


Now, I am french so I kinda know what the hell I am talking about here.

First off “Le Peregrine” is not even a french word! At best it is an adjective describing someone travelling. The french word for Falcon is, oh surprise, FAUCON! Just call him the French Falcon if that’s what you have to do.

Of course he is a writer. That’s not cliche at all. I mean, after all, his last name is Racine!

He has no superpowers but he is very proficient in foot fighting (la Savate).  Foot fighting sounds like a bunch of guys frantically kicking each other in the shins! Let’s just call it what it is: French kickboxing! So it doesn’t sound so freakin’ lame!

Besides that, he looks pretty cool…in a “Battle of the planets” kinda way.

What pisses me off is that there is Captain America, Captain Britain… and then this! What bull!!!!

I surrender…!

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2 thoughts on “Captain France, anyone?”

  1. This has been bugging me all day, so there really are no Marvel Superheroes from France. Sacre bleu! At least the Peregrine has ‘no criminal record’, which is in his favour. There are a few French-speaking heroes though, aren’t there: Gambit, and Aurora and Northstar but it’s true they’re not French. Hang on, what about the Swordsman? A villain yes, but he did work alongside the Avengers from time to time.

  2. Nice catch! I had to look him up (The Swordsman) because he is not in my handbook. On the DC side though, there is Nightrunner! Unfortunately he did not get his own book. Who doesn’t want to read the adventures of the Batman from Paris?

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