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Following last week’s post about Nick bringing the script to life, I decided to show you the next step in the process. I am currently lettering the next issue. I use Nick’s rough artwork while he inks and adds the Blacks (and Whites?) to the finished artwork.

So, recapitulation:

We start with the Script:

Excert from the OILY SHIT Script- Page 3

3.2. The AC grabs onto a board member (Cynthia CARROLL) by the collar as BOOGIE blinds her from behind. A tentacle appears behind the AC.

AC:Got ya!

 3.3. The tentacle has grabbed the AC by his feet and is pulling him from behind while he is still holding onto CARROLL’s collar. The AC is being stretched a bit between the two and starts freaking out.

 AC:What the heeeeeeell???

 3.4. Close on a very surprised AC. He is holding the now torn suit as the tentacle wraps itself around him.


Then, Nick turns it into Artwork:


I start to letter on the Rough Artwork. Since I work in layers, I can always adjust it later when I put it on top of the finished artwork in Photoshop. Sometimes, if I see that the original dialogue does not fit the artwork anymore (as in this case here) I change it. I quite enjoy doing that so it all comes together. I truly believe the Artwork is what makes the comic so there is no reason to fight it with shitty dialogue. When the artwork is particularly expressive, I might even cut the dialogue altogether just as I did here in the final panel. Scroll back up to the script and check it out.


If you have any advice on lettering, please share!

See you next week,


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