The House Nick Built

A you might know by now, I write The Activist comic and Nick Nall produces the Art based on the script I provide him with. We meet regularly to discuss panel layout and whatnot.

Last we met, Nick did not only bring sketches and layout for the next issue but also something else that I found very interesting: a sort of model that he drew. It was a representation of the conference room in which the action of the next issue takes place. Nick said he had to draw it in its entirety so he could get a sense of space for the action and work in his angles and shots much like a movie director does. What a great idea!

I know Nick wants to do more of that sort of prep work in the future. Little does he know that the issue I am writing right now takes place in a real Portland location. HiHiHi. When he gets the new script, we will also go on a tour. I cannot wait.


                The house Nick built: a floor plan and even the ceilings with the lights!

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2 thoughts on “The House Nick Built”

  1. I do tours of Portland for the scripts I’ve been witting lately and taking photos and attaching them to the scripts for reference. Makes a really big difference by making the scenery a character, Derick Robertson is a Master of doing that.

  2. Thanks for the info on Derrick Robertson. I really like the idea of using real locations as well. There is something interesting about using a real place for an unreal situation or story.

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