Anxiouly Scripting.

I am currently writing the next issue of The Activist and it is now time for…Scripting.

You see, so far I have written my plot, did the research, and created several outlines; all of those based off the story I wrote. I did not always used to do this but I found something very liberating in writing down the entire narrative without any restrictions. I think of it as purging. I just write ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that should and would happen in the story I am working on. Most of it is crap and that’s the beauty of it. You basically take a crap on the page and out of this manure grows a beautiful flower! Once you are purged from the excess crap, you can more easily find those story bits that are truly interesting and amusing.


It’s okay if you can’t read it, it’s a secret code.

Then it’s time to write the script. I am always so anxious about it that I will try to delay it by having a sandwich or another cup of coffee. I think it’s because of the commitment it represents: there is a form to adhere to, a number of pages to stay within (at least in comic-book land). I was anxious but ended up having a lot of fun (as usual) and I kept reminding myself that this only a first draft. No judging. It’s only the FIRST DRAFT. The first draft is always crap, right?

This is also the step where writing the entire narrative proved itself very useful. That was done by pen and paper and there is something to be said about the flow of it as opposed to a computer keyboard. I gently extracted some bits of dialogue and description from the sea of poop in front of me, followed my outline; and before I knew it, the first draft was done. It did take a turn for the weird as it ought to with The Activist. I cannot wait to share that script with Nick next month.

Now onto polishing the turd with better dialogue, clearer descriptions, and tighter structure. I’ll leave you with my favorite line so far.



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