So here goes nothing…except our very first submissions for the Activist, Whoohoo!!!
I just got to get those babies stamped and sent.
My only hope is that USPS delivers. That’s it. Since comic book publishing companies do not have enough people to send rejection letters, we will technically NOT get rejected.
It’s an interesting process and one that we will continue with each subsequent issue.

Below is a copy of the cover letter/synopsis I included with each submission along with the script and printed comic (see last week’s post and Nick’s glorious mug).

If you have time, your opinion and advice are ALWAYS welcome,

See you next week,


Once a biathlon Winter Olympic champion, Orphan Francois Poitiere was kicked out for doping. After many failed attempts at helping the world through charitable organizations, he took it upon himself to pursue ultimate justice no matter the wacky consequences!
He is the activist!!!

In this comic, the Activist gets pregnant from a new drug he got for Christmas. He tries to get an abortion but Jesus convinces him not to so he accidentally gives birth to a baby girl in the toilet. Permanently attached to him via an unbreakable umbilical cord, she grows up to gargantuan size and starts destroying the city. The Activist has to choke her with the umbilical cord in order to stop her. Though he does not regret killing her, the Activist is stuck with a giant baby’s carcass attached to his ass.

Created and written by Nicolas Izambard with Art from Nick Nall.
PO Box 1466
Scappoose, OR 97056
Phone: 503-680-0177

What is The Activist???
In my dream, the Activist is a monthly publication that pokes fun at current political and social events. But what truly matters here is…what do you need?
A graphic novel? The Activist can do that and would be more than happy to pitch the hell out of you.
A 4-issues mini-series? I got just the thing!
The Activist is FLEXIBLE, you need just ask.

Have a good day!
Nicolas Izambard

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