The ACTIVIST #1 “Oily Shit” (PS Version)

Oily Shit!

When I first started writing Comic Books, I had  a hard time finding an artist. I was deluted enough that I thought I could find someone who would draw my stories for free. I know better now. At the time, I decided to make my own comic in Photoshop and the Activist #1 “Oily Shit” was born.

It was a great learning experience and my web project for The Graphic Novel Writing Class I took at Portland State University with Brian Michael Bendis. “Oily Shit” got an A.

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4 thoughts on “The ACTIVIST #1 “Oily Shit” (PS Version)”

  1. I got a chance to look at this when it was first put out there and did a review and i will stand by it. Irrevernt and fun Fans of Heavy Metal Magazine and the toxic Avenger will love this!

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